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Kuitwa kwenye Usaili Bunda Call for Interview

Are you looking for Kuitwa kwenye Usaili Bunda Call for Interview orodha ya majina ya walioitwa kwenye interview list ya majina usaili leo ajiraportal walioitwa utumishi list ya majina kuitwa kwenye interview Halmshauri ya wilaya ya bunda new job opportunities.

The Executive Director of Bunda District Council wishes to inform you All Tanzanians who applied for jobs in the positions of Nursing, Physicians, Statisticians, Community Health Workers (CHW), Peer Educators (COV), Distinguished Service Providers (CEC), Laboratory Technologists, and Lay Counselors, positions announced through an announcement with Ref.HB/A:20/VOL.III/398 dated 08.09.2023 that the interview is expected to take place on 28/09/2023 at Klasta Hall, Kibara at the Council Headquarters at 2:00 AM.

Kuitwa kwenye Usaili Bunda Call for Interview

Interviewees called to the interview should follow the following instructions: Interviewees should arrive with their ACTUAL CERTIFICATES of secondary education, professional certificates, licenses, birth certificates and voter’s ID or National ID.

  •   Interviewees who will present ‘Testmania/s’, “Provisional/resu/ts”, “statement of resu/ts” and the result documents of forms IV and VI, “Resu/t slips” WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WITH THE INTERVIEW.
  •   Interviewees who fail to submit original certificates will not proceed with the interview.
  •   Each interviewee will cover the costs of food, fare and accommodation.
  •   The use of telephones will not be allowed in the interview room.
  •   Respondents are advised to visit the website of the Bunda District Council ( to find any changes in case they appear.


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