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Branch Admin Officer Jobs at Q-Sourcing Limited

Branch Admin Officer Jobs at Q-Sourcing Limited Coordinate the overall operational, administrative, Warehousing, logistics, and accounting functions of the Branch. Act as a liaison between the Branch and the company’s HQ divisions to enable smooth workflows at the branch

Key Responsibilities

1. Stock Management
• Forecast, and prepare requisitions for goods from Nairobi to the Arusha warehouse.
• Verify monthly stock take exercises and report to the Inventory accountant/finance department.
• Posting of stocks received in Business central.
• Oversee stock takes and prepare monthly stock take reports.
• Conduct physical counts as per set program i.e., daily stock take and monthly stock take.
• Submit monthly stock take report to the Inventory accountant/finance department in liaison with the Finance & Admin Manager
• Ensure goods received are tallying with the transfer documents. In case of any variance, recounting should be done immediately and reported to the Finance & Admin Manager.
• Management of crates.

2. Route Planning & Coordination
• Prepare delivery routes as per the updated distribution plan.
• Allocate trucks and DEs to respective routes.
• Coordinate the preparation of the weekly route planner in liaison with the Sales Manager.
• Ensure timely and seamless dispatch of goods to all customers.
• Ensure zero complaints from both internal and external customers regarding dispatch.

3. Receiving of goods
• Ensure that all goods received are in good condition and properly packed i.e., not damaged and pack not opened.
• Ensure all goods/items are counted and correctly recorded i.e. (ice cream, chocolates, whipping cream, sauces crates, freezers and chocolate stands).
4. Branch Asset management & General Office maintenance
• Ensure servicing of equipment is done as per schedule i.e., generator, cold-room, freezers, and vehicles.
• Keep proper records of all assets and for all freezers in and out.
• Check compound cleanliness and follow up on maintenance work required.
• Carry out spot checks to ensure proper documentation is maintained.
• Check the cold rooms (weekly) to ensure they are functioning properly. Liaise with the maintenance manager on repair issues
• Ensure cold room attendants record cold room temperature and ensure the generator has fuel.

5. Dispatch of goods
• Ensure availability of supporting documents i.e., loading sheet and route list during dispatch.
• Freezers and chocolate stands should have a signed authority form and note attached.
• Ensure the items issued tally/match with the loading sheet.
• Ensure items issued are intact and in good condition.
• Ensure you adhere to dispatch procedure (SOP).
• Record all walk-in invoices and submit to HQ.
• Ensure all customer dispatches are loaded in a pre-cooled refrigerated truck.

6. Damages
• Ensure no damages and expiries are dispatched to customers.
7. Regulatory Compliance
• Tanzania Dairy Board, Local municipal council, Tanzania Bureau of Standards, LATRA, Fumigation license, Ministry of Trade & Finance, Tanzania Revenue Authority and OSH/WIBA.
• Oversee execution of regulatory staff training to include Fire Safety Training and OSH training at the Branch.
• Coordinate escalation of WIBA cases and employees’ injuries, and policy implementation in liaison with the HR team and Safety Officer.

8. Staff Management
• Facilitate HR administrative activities including; Welfare administration (staff lunch, Birth, Deaths), Medical cover administration, Pension administration, PPES management, Office management, Recordkeeping, and overseeing confidentiality as needed.
• Coordinate leave management for branch employees in liaison with the HR Team at HQ
• Prepare per diems for approval.
• Coordinate recruitment of staff and facilitate onboarding of new staff transferred
• Ensure all employees clock in/out and record attendance accordingly.
• Assist in tracking of probation reviews, confirmation dates, and facilitation of contract documentation as may be required in partnership with the HR team at HQ.
• Coordinate Performance reviews and Performance Improvement plan executions at the Branch in liaison with the HR team at HQ.
• Facilitate disciplinary management meetings, documentation, and processes in liaison with the Finance & Admin Manager and HR team at HQ.
• Ensure cold room staff have the right PPE when working in the cold room.
9. Petty Cash Management
• Verification of all petty cash payments and reports before submission to HQ. Proper recording and accounting for petty cash imprest and transactions.
• Approve cash requests before disbursements.
• Prepare monthly spending report and submitting to finance department with supporting documents.

10. Fleet Management
• Report breakdown and service requirements to the fleet co-ordinator.
• Liaise with the local garage to ensure vehicle service and repairs are done on time.
• Keep custody of fuel cards and do schedule fuelling.
• Report breakdown and service requirements to Finance & Admin manager
• Ensure fuel cards (pre-paid) are topped up on time.
11. Invoicing
• Supervise the processing of sales invoices and sales return orders.

12. Records maintenance & Submission to Head Office
• Submit accounting records and documents as required by HQ i.e., purchase invoices, expense supporting documents etc.
• Oversee all accounting records are properly filed and archived.
• Submit original purchase invoices/cash sales, petty cash vouchers, and supporting documents for all expenses to the finance department on a monthly basis in liaison with the Finance & Admin manager.
• Ensure all documents used for dispatch are signed and dated.
• Ensure all supporting documents are filled in an orderly manner.
• Ensure all transactions for both receiving and dispatch are recorded and filled.
13. Any other duty may be allocated by your supervisor from time to time.

Candidate’s Profile
• Relevant Degree in Supply Chain, Administration, Finance, and or equivalent qualifications
• 2+ years proven track record in FMCG industry in warehouse/depot management processes
• Proficient and diplomatic thinker- Escalates issues promptly.
• Team player
• Highly proficient in coordinating teams
• Efficient collaborator
• Diplomatic leader
• Strong Leadership skills.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Work Hours: 8

Experience in Months: 24

Level of Education: Bachelor Degree

Job application procedure
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