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Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA October 2023

List of Applicants Called for Interview at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA October 2023 Shortlisted List PDF: Are you ready to kickstart your career at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)? You’ve applied for a job, waited for the response, and here it is! TRA has released its list of applicants called for an interview for October 2023. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the essential details you need to know regarding the interview process. We understand that this is a crucial moment for your professional journey, and we’re here to guide and support you.

TRA call for interview October 2023


The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is pleased to inform the job applicants who passed the screening test and were selected for practical and oral interviews. The interviews are scheduled to take place from October 29, 2023, to November 2, 2023, with the eventual employment of successful candidates.

Instructions for Applicants Called for the Interview:

  1. Identification:
    • Bring a valid identification document. Acceptable IDs include:
      • National ID
      • Zanzibar Resident ID
      • Voter’s ID
      • Passport
      • Driving License
  2. Certificates:
    • Bring original certificates, including:
      • Birth Certificate
      • Form IV, VI
      • Diploma, Advanced Diploma
      • Degree and beyond, as per the applicant’s qualifications
  3. Non-Acceptable Documents:
    • “Testimonials,” “Provisional Results,” “Statement of results,” and Form IV, VI result slips are NOT ACCEPTED.
  4. Personal Expenses:
    • Applicants will be responsible for their own food, transportation, and accommodation.
  5. Interview Details:
    • Adhere to the date and location allocated for the interview.
    • Arrive at the interview location by 7:00 am.
  6. Foreign Certificates:
    • Certificates obtained from institutions outside of Tanzania must be verified and approved by relevant authorities (such as TCU, NACTE, or NECTA).
  7. For Unselected Applicants:
    • Applicants not selected for the next step should understand that they did not meet the criteria and are encouraged to reapply when future job vacancies are announced.
  8. Professional Boards:
    • Applicants for professions that require registration with Professional Boards must bring their Original Registration Certificates along with valid Work Permits (licenses).
  9. Exam Numbers:
    • Interviewees must note down their exam number as it will not be provided on the day of the interview.
  10. Results and Schedules:
    • Results and interview schedules are available on the TRA website

Additional Information

Website: Toll-free numbers: 0800-780 078, 0800-750 075, or 0800-110 016 WhatsApp: 0744 23 33 33 Email: or “Together We Build Our Nation” Issued by the Department of Human Resources Management and Administration.

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