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Company Advocate Jobs at Tabono Consult

Company Advocate Jobs at Tabono Consult is a symbol for Unity of Purpose, Strength, Confidence and Hard work. As the name suggests, we are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions that are practical, efficient and add value to the business while ensuring sustainability, inclusivity and diversity..

Required Qualification and Experience:
• Master’s degree or equivalent in legal field.
• Practicing Advocate with both court and commercial law.
• Must have three years or more of relevant work experience.
• Experience with team work; with excellent communication and problem-solving skills with law; working experience with governmental authority (such as Tanesco,) will be an advantage.
• Fluency in oral and written English
• Sharp instincts and upto date on all relevant laws. Ability to work independently and as part of a team, demonstrating good judgment and ethical conduct.
• Familiarity with the specific industry in which the company operates can be an advantage.
• Proven experience in corporate law, ideally as in-house counsel or at a reputable law firm.
• Contract Management: Draft, review, and negotiate contracts with clients, suppliers, partners, and other third parties to protect the company’s interests and minimize legal risks.
• Legal Advisory: Offer legal counsel and guidance to the company’s management and various departments on a wide range of legal issues, including contracts, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and more.

Key Responsibilities include:
• Consultation of regular legal issues;
• Drafting of important letters and legal documents;
• Analysis of risk in Contracts and necessary precautions;
• Advice for contract claim (completion period and/or contract value);
• Assistance in contract negotiation; Risk Assessment: Identify potential legal risks and provide strategies to mitigate or eliminate them. Conduct legal due diligence in mergers, acquisitions, and other business transactions.
• Policy Development: Contribute to the development and implementation of company policies, procedures, and practices to ensure legal compliance and risk management.
• Government Relations: Interact with government agencies and regulators as needed, ensuring the company maintains positive relationships and adheres to relevant government policies.

Application Procedures:
• Interested candidate should send their CV, a motivation letter, a copy of professional certificates, and the details of three referees.

Work Hours 8
Experience in Months 36
Level of Education Postgraduate Degree

Job application procedure
Interested applicants? Click here to apply

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