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ways to grow your Pinterest account 2023

ways to grow your Pinterest account 2023, Over the new year, we’ll go over the top ten ways to quickly grow your Pinterest account. Pinterest, especially if you have a new blog, can be a goldmine for blog traffic. Because SEO takes time and Google prefers to analyze your blog before ranking it, Pinterest may be the key to getting people to read your blog instead.

ways to grow your Pinterest account 2023.

Here are my 10 hands-on ways to grow your Pinterest account quickly, and if you want to learn more even faster, check out my signature Pinterest Course “The Pinterest Studio,” where I teach you the exact system, I used to grow my Pinterest account to over 900,000 monthly views. Visit the Pinterest Studio here.

1. Trend

If you want to grow fast, I recommend checking out Pinterest analytics and Pinterest Trend Reports. If you switch your Pinterest account to a business account (for free) you get the option to see Pinterest analytics. You can convert your account to a business account in your Pinterest account settings for free.

Once you have converted your account head to the top bar section and choose analytics > Audience Insights > All Pinterest Users.

Analytics show you the people who follow you and gives your insight into everyone who uses Pinterest. This is great because you can easily identify trends and topics which people love to look at on Pinterest.

2. Focus

Once you have identified a trending subject you want to write about it on your blog and set up your Pinterest account according to that same niche. If you want to grow your Pinterest account fast, you need to be hyper-focused on your profile.  Instead of covering “Food”, “Travel”, “Finance”, and “Blogging”, all in one single profile, create one Pinterest profile per blog.

I recommend focusing on only one to maximum two topics/niches on your blog and your Pinterest profile should follow that rule as well.  So, if you have a food blog, focus on writing food-related content.

Then set up your Pinterest account with boards covering different food topics. If you are writing about veganism, for example, focus on creating vegan recipe boards such as “Vegan Breakfasts” or “Vegan Cheese Recipes” instead of covering your personal favorite travel destinations.

3. Consistency – Tailwind

Consistency is one of the most important factors in order to grow your Pinterest account fast. With consistency I mean logging in to Pinterest and posting on Pinterest on a regular, ideally daily basis.

Now, people get overwhelmed with posting daily on Pinterest and of course, this is totally understandable. That’s why a lot of services now focus on helping you manage your Pinterest account such as Tailwind. Tailwind is an official Pinterest Partner (so no worries about using their services).

Tailwind helps you automatically schedule and post Pins to your Pinterest account. For example, if you head to Pinterest on a Wednesday evening and schedule 100 Pins to go out over the next 10 days. Tailwind will distribute and automatically publish these 100 pins (so e.g., 10 Pins per day) over the next 10 days. You don’t lift a finger.

I use Tailwind to post hundreds of pins over the month and my Pinterest profile has grown to almost 1 million monthly views. Consistency is the key for you to grow your Pinterest account fast.

4. 10×50 Rule

If you are new to Pinterest, then I recommend you create 10 new Boards on your Profile which are relevant to your niche. If we take the example from before about vegan blogging, you could create 10 boards such as “Vegan”…

  1. “Breakfasts”
  2. “Cheese Recipes”
  3. “Lunches”
  4. “Substitutes”
  5. “Restaurant”
  6. “Deserts”
  7. “Nutrition”
  8. “Dinners”
  9. “Christmas Recipes”
  10. “Snacks”

After creating 10 targeted niche boards, I would love you to fill each board up with 50 relevant pins each. This is why I call this the 10×50 rule.

In order to grow your Pinterest Account fast, you need to have interesting pins on your profile and make the impression that you are taking your Pinterest account serious. Also having more targeted and niched down Pins will signal Pinterest that you are an expert in that niche and increase your reach.

5. Board Names – see another post

It’s important to optimize your Pinterest board names with keywords. In order for you to grow your Pinterest account fast, you need to help the “Pinterest Algorithm” to know what your “Profile, Pins, and Boards” are all about.

The algorithm reads your “Boards Names”, “Board Descriptions”, “Pins”, “Pin Descriptions” and more to identify what your Pinterest profile is all about. Now, if you are using floral and creative board names such as “Funky and colorful vegan cupcakes”, then Pinterest will have a hard time knowing what your profile is all about. When it comes to board names it’s best to go with easy-to-understand keywords and search terms.

Ideally, you choose board names according to actual Pinterest searches. Head to the search function on Pinterest or to Pinterest analytics and identify things people are searching for. Once you type something into Pinterest search, it gives you recommendations and suggestions of actual searches people have performed. Name your boards accordingly in order to grow your Pinterest account fast.

6. Keywords

Use relevant keywords all over your Pinterest profile in order to help the Pinterest algorithm identify in which niche you are in. If you are pinning about all kinds of different topics to all kinds of different boards, Pinterest won’t accept you as a leader in your niche and drive traffic to your blog.  Add relevant keywords of your niche to the following places of your Pinterest account and Blog.

  • Pinterest Profile Name
  • Profile Description
  • Board Names
  • Boards Descriptions
  • Pins
  • Pin Descriptions
  • Blog Content
  • Blog Post Keywords

7. Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to grow your Pinterest account fast. Now once you post a pin to Pinterest which includes Hashtags, your pin will be distributed to hashtag searches first.  Compared to the general Pinterest Smart Feed, where the most successful pins are shown first, Hashtag searches are ordered in chronological order.

This means that your pin may not be shown in Hashtag searches forever, but it will give you a great initial boost if you post a pin and a lot of people see it on Hashtag search.  In order for you to grow your Pinterest account fast, I recommend you use a combination of hashtags (eg. three hashtags per new pin) and keywords (e.g ten keywords per pin) once you schedule a new pin to one of your boards.

If you are not sure how this looks like head to my Pinterest Profileand check out some of my pin descriptions as examples.

8. Profile Image

People want to connect to a real person and a friendly Pinterest profile image helps you grow your Pinterest account faster. Your Pinterest profile image is shown when someone searches for you, your profile, pins or any keyword which is relevant to your niche.

I recommend using a high-resolution image of yourself, where you smile and it’s easy for people to connect with you and your profile. If you are a travel blogger, why not use a vacation picture of yourself holding an exotic cocktail or if you are a food blogger a picture of yourself eating a big old portion of Spaghetti Bolognese in Italy.

If you need more help designing click-worthy pins, download your “Pin design Guide” for FREE below!  


Even though followers matter less on Pinterest than on other social media platforms, they do matter. Pinterest looks at your followers and determines the majority of their interests.

Now if you have a very broad Pinterest profile and your pin about food, travel, health, and fitness you will have a very broad audience on Pinterest. Once you pin a new pin about for example travel, only a certain amount of your audience will be interested in that topic, right?

So, Pinterest distributes your new pin to your own audience first and sees how the new pin resonates with your audience before showing it to new people. As you can imagine when it’s only relevant to a small portion of your audience the pin won’t perform so well (e.g., re-pins or clicks) which will indicate Pinterest the pin is not relevant.

If you only focus on one niche all of your audience will be interested and your pin will be re-shared more often. This will help you grow your Pinterest account as Pinterest will start distributing this new pin to people who aren’t following you yet and this is exactly how you grow. 

10. Tribes

Tailwind Tribes is very similar to using Group Boards on Pinterest but just better. Tailwind Tribes is a separate function Tailwind offers to share your new pins to fellow pinners. The idea is to join relevant Tribes where you can pin your pins to the community. They will share your pins to their accounts. In return, you share their pins to Pinterest too giving each other a boost on Pinterest.

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