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WASSHA Incorporation Tanzania Hiring Business Analyst

WASSHA Incorporation Tanzania Hiring Business Analyst

Business Analyst Position Open at WASSHA Incorporation Tanzania

WASSHA Incorporation Tanzania

Dar es Salaam

WASSHA Incorporation Tanzania

WASSHA Inc is a Japanese firm established in 2013 with a focus on providing electrical power to individuals in off-grid regions.

Job Description



  • Organisation: Division: WASSHA Inc. Tanzania Sales and Marketing.
  • Department: Workstation: Smartphone business Dar es Salaam
  • Job Title: Job Grade: Business Analyst TBD
  • Reports to: Direct Reports (Subordinates): Sales & Marketing Manager.

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Under the guidance of the sales manager, the individual performs duties to ensure smartphone business operations are executed and supports the Sales and Marketing and Customer service team in the analysis and comments for periodic operations and business enhancements.

The person will supervise the status of all KPIs operations and share the summary with the leaders, occasionally pointing out KPIs not performing well and suggesting the way forward based on the data.

Identifying and researching new opportunities in new and existing markets.

Creating new values for our agents and customers by leveraging our current business assets, such as the kiosk network, regional coverage of the marketing team & SCM team, customer service team, and trusted relationships with customers.


A) Managerial Responsibilities:

  • N/A

B) Functional Responsibilities:

  • Market Research and Analysis: Conduct research and SWOT analysis.
  • Data Management: Develop and maintain databases with internal/external partners, visualize data for stakeholders, analyze data to make insightful suggestions and decisions, and ensure data quality and integrity.
  • Performance Metrics: Define, monitor, and report on key performance metrics to track the success of business development efforts.
  • Reporting and Documentation: Prepare and maintain regular reports for the operation team and management to track progress and performance.
  • Working with Sales Leaders, CS Leaders, and Members: Identify process improvement opportunities, propose KPI modifications, and devise strategies for business improvements.
  • Operation Design and Support: Design, analyze, and update standard operating procedures related to all smartphone businesses for improvement and productivities.
  • Planning and Monitoring: Make plans for sales, costs, profits, installations, and payment collections and monitor actual results against plans (targets) with the Sales & Marketing manager and the management team.
  • Meeting Facilitation: In regular smartphone business meetings, set agendas, facilitate meetings, lead discussions, make and share meeting minutes, including action items with the meeting participants.

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The minimum level of academic and professional qualification required to perform effectively in the role:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics and Statistics, Data Science, or any other related degree equivalent to the job role.
  • A minimum level of experience required: Proven experience in business development and statistics, sales, or a related role for at least 3 years.
  • Skills:
    • Excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities.
    • Strong communication and negotiation skills


A) Internal Customers:

  • All the managers and team leaders in the Tanzania branch.
  • All sales leaders and CS leaders and all WASSHA employees.

B) External Customers:

  • All WASSHA agents, customers, and all other partners of the smartphone business.


A) Functional

  • PC operating skills – G-Suite, MS Office.
  • Research skills and logical thinking.
  • Knowledge of business and data analysis.
  • Excellent communication & Presentation skills.
  • Networking and relationship Management.

B) Behavioral

  • Stress tolerance
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Accountability and integrity
  • Proactiveness

How to Apply:

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