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Virtual Trainer in Soft Skills Job Opportunities at Na’amal

Job Opportunities at Na’amal Virtual Trainer in Soft Skills

Virtual Trainer in Soft Skills Job Opportunities at Na’amal

About the job

Na’amal is an England and Wales company and social enterprise and Netherlands non-profit that addresses the remote talent tech needs of companies by providing access to skilled refugee candidates. Na’amal provides refugees and other underrepresented communities training in marketable skills, with a focus on the human/soft skills, collaborating with organisations that train in digital skills, which are required in the global labour market. We then link them to dignified digital remote work.

Project summary

Na’amal is partnering with Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT), an international non-profit organisation, to address the lack of employment opportunities for displaced persons in Ethiopia.

In this training programme, 30 refugees in Ethiopia will follow a 6-months training programme. Na’amal will deliver its Human Skills for Digital Employment programme-async self-paced course, interactive workshops and one-to-one mentoring and virtual internships- (more info on Na’amal’s programme here) and DOT will deliver a full stack web development programme.


Dates: February- September 2023

Equivalent 15 days in total (including planning)

Rate: 125 USD/day

Location: Remote

Reports to

Programme Manager, and works closely with the Executive Director

Roles and Responsibilities

  • English Medium Instruction Training: Receive training in how to lead sessions in English to speakers of other languages
  • Content creation: Support material creation; provide feedback on the training materials in coordination with Na’amal programme coordinator
  • Prepare for training session: Using lesson plans (provide) prepare to deliver the session
  • Lead trainings: Conduct 2-hour training sessions every week/every other week via Zoom in English, arriving 15 minutes before the start of each session
  • Maintaining professional presence by conducting sessions from a quiet location with stable internet connection, and able to keep the camera on for the duration of the session.
  • Work with the programme coordinator to ensure project training deliverables are met
  • Coordinate with workshop facilitator(s) to ensure smooth delivery of the workshops
  • Provide feedback to programme coordinator on training sessions as required using feedback sheets
  • Be available to answer student questions regarding the content of the workshops in scheduled office hour sessions
  • Conduct student assessments as required
  • Conduct student check-ins as required

Technical requirements

  • Must have stable and reliable internet connection at all times
  • Must have functional camera
  • Must attend workshops on a laptop or desktop computer, not on a mobile device.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience working remotely in a professional setting
  • Ideally experience providing professional/soft skills training to corporate clients
  • Demonstrated experience in virtual training delivery using learner centred pedagogical approaches
  • Experience of or willingness to accommodate inductive and discovery participant fronted sessions
  • Extensive experience with virtual training delivery using Zoom
  • Proved experience working for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or other socially-oriented bodies
  • Experience working with refugee or vulnerable populations, particularly in Africa
  • Strong knowledge of all Google workspace, especially Sheets, Docs, Slides and Forms
  • Experience working with Mural boards
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Bachelor’s Degree in fields related to entrepreneurship, business, or education

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