Valencia lodging options The BEST Valencia Accommodations in Spain [2022]

Valencia lodging options The BEST Valencia Accommodations in Spain [2022]

Looking for accommodations in Valencia as you prepare to visit?, You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a detailed guide on where to stay in Valencia.

Valencia, which is on Spain’s east coast, has everything you need for the perfect vacation. Finding the greatest neighborhood in Valencia is difficult because it’s the third-largest city in Spain and has a lot to offer.

I’ve put up this list of the finest places to stay in Valencia, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each area, to assist you in making your decision.

No Time to Waste? Here’s my #1 Favorite!

Ciutat Vella
the best place where to stay in valencia spain

Ciutat Vella


Ciutat Vella
Ciutat Vella is the best place to stay in Valencia for first time visitors since it provides most of the sightseeing and tourist attractions, but also a great vibe to spend good time!
  • Sightseeing and tourist attractions
  • Many cool cafes & shops
  • Good vibe

The Best Areas to Stay in Valencia for YOU

  • ⭐️ THE Best Place to Stay in Valencia: Ciutat Vella
  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Best Neighborhood for FamiliesCamins al Grau
  • 🥂 Where to Stay in Valencia for NightlifeBarrio del Carmen
  • 🏖 Best Location for the beachEl Cabanyal
  • 😌 Where to Stay in Valencia to Get Away from the CrowdsExtramurs

So there you have it, the answer to “What are the best areas to stay in Valencia?”. If you want more info about each area including and pros & cons + hotel recommendations, keep reading below>

THE Best Place to Stay in Valencia Spain: Ciutat Vella

The Ciutat Vella, a picturesque ancient Medieval neighborhood in the city’s historical heart, is where most of the city’s sightseeing can be found.

Since there are numerous sights to see and a variety of hotel alternatives, this is the greatest area to stay in if you’re a first-time visitor. You will undoubtedly discover something that interests you, whether your interests are in street art, museums, or religious heritage.

There are a lot of hip stores and eateries in this area as well. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the positive atmosphere and numerous music performances there. Another benefit? Everything is accessible on foot, making it a really convenient place to visit.

Historical center
Many sightseeing
Good vibes (cool shops & restaurants)
Pretty small area

Best Accommodations in Ciutat Vella

Staying in Ciutat Vella is a good option if you’re looking to discover most of the main sightseeing easily in the city. In this historical district, most of the hotels are affordable. We made this hotel list to help you with your choice.


Best HotelMYR Hotel Plaza Mercado & Spa

Very well located, MYR Hotel Plaza Mercado & Spa is a nice hotel where you’ll be welcomed by a warm greeting and very courteous staff. The rooms are very clean, all providing new furniture, spacious spaces, and a nice view. This is the best place to relax after a day visiting Valencia!

⭐️ Luxury ChoiceCaro Hotel

Caro Hotel provides a nice boutique style, this hotel is a mix of modern atmosphere and antiquity which makes this place unique. The location is really convenient, close to all the main sightseeing but still in a quiet place. Also, the staff is really nice and helpful. Definitely a good place..

💰Budget Pick: Pensión Alicante

Pensión Alicante is perfectly located in the old town. The rooms here are very clean, comfortable, and cozy with a nice style. The staff is really helpful and friendly, they provide good advice about what to do. This is a great value for money that we’d recommend!

Best Neighborhood for Families: Camins al Grau

carmins al grau is the best place where to stay in valencia for families

Camins al Grau

Camins al Grau is located at the east of Eixample, this is a good location to stay in if you want to visit the City of Arts and Sciences which offers several art galleries, museums, and much more.

This neighborhood is a really good option if you’re with your family in Valencia. This place is a quiet place, not too crowded but still close to most of the sightseeing.

Camins al Grau is in the middle of many important places in Valencia so you can either spend your day visiting the nearby tourist attractions or you can choose to go to the beach. This area provides lots of bus stops and subway stations so it’ll be really easy for you to go everywhere.

Quiet area
Good public transportation
Close to everything
A bit expensive area

Best Accommodations in Camins al Grau

Camins al Grau is a good option to stay in if you want to be close to different areas of the city. This neighborhood is a bit expensive but you can still find really good deals, we’ll help you with this list of hotels!


Best Hotel: Casual de las Artes Valencia

Perfectly located, Casual de las Artes Valencia is a really good hotel close to bus stops, many parks very nice for your children and Ciudad de las Ciencias. The staff is very helpful and the rooms are all spacious with comfortable beds. This is definitely the best hotel in Camins al Grau!

⭐️ Luxury Choice: Ilunion Aqua 4

This hotel is well located and has access to a big shopping center with various restaurants and shops which is really convenient. It also provides many amenities such as a gym center and a restaurant. You’ll enjoy clean, spacious rooms with fantastic views. The staff is also very welcoming and helpful. This is a good option for a family in Camins al Grau!

💰Budget Pick: Apartment near Arts & Science

The apartment near Arts & Science is well decorated, modern, well equipped, and located in a quiet area, this is a perfect spot to relax. The hosts are very friendly and helpful, they’ll provide you with local advice regarding public transport. This apartment is also close to different grocery shops which are really useful. Highly recommended

Where to Stay in Valencia for Nightlife: Barrio del Carmen

best areas to stay in valencia

Valencia lodging options The BEST


Barrio del Carmen is a very famous district in Valencia, especially among those coming to enjoy the nightlife. Located close to the Old Town, you’ll find lots of cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs all open very late during the night.

This neighborhood is the best for nightlife because it’s the most famous area. By staying there, you’ll meet for sure lots of people coming from all around the globe.

You’ll also love this mixture of atmospheres, whether very elegant or on the contrary very hipster, everybody will find something he likes there! This is for sure the livest area at night in Valencia and you’ll love it!

By the way, I have a complete guide about the nightlife in Valencia here, check it out

Everything open until late
Lots of people
In the center of Valencia
Very busy

Best Accommodations in Barrio del Carmen

Barrio del Carmen is the best district to stay in if you want to go out late and if you want to discover the Valencian vibe at night. In this very busy place, it’s sometimes complicated to find a good option, so here are our recommendations for hotels.

✅ Best Hotel: Tramontana Apartments

Tramontana Apartments is very well located in the old part of Valencia, close to lots of interesting areas and restaurants to explore. The staff there is really helpful and warm. The apartments are all really comfortable and clean. You’ll enjoy the quiet time there even in the evening which is really nice in such a busy area. Definitely the best option in Barrio del Carmen!

⭐️ Luxury Choice: Palacio Vallier 5*

Palacio Vallier 5* is a beautiful hotel very well located in the center of Valencia. In this hotel, the staff is very qualified and they provide an excellent breakfast which is a must. The rooms are exceptional, all very well equipped and spacious, you’ll love to relax there. Highly recommended!

💰 Budget Pick: Center Valencia Youth Hostel

Center Valencia Youth Hostel is a good option located in the center. The staff of the hotel is very helpful, they’ll give you good tips about what to do in the district. The rooms are comfortable and all very clean. This is definitely a great value for money in this famous area!

Best Location for the Beach: El Cabanyal

el cabanyal is the best place where to stay in valencia in summer

Valencia lodging options The BEST


El Cabanyal was traditionally an old fishing area on the seafront. However, with its perfect location, right behind Malvarrosa Beach and the promenade, it quickly became a residential area and a famous spot to enjoy good dinners.

This picturesque neighborhood is the best spot in summer to spend time on the beach and swim. By going there you’ll enjoy plenty of cafes, eateries, souvenir shops and secret spots for nightlife. It’s also one of the favorite places for young travelers since you can enjoy in El Cabanyal many beachside bars and beachfront hotels.

Don’t worry, in this busy area, you can also find a quieter and more residential vibe, in the area behind the beach, which is also really nice if you want to relax.

Close to the beach
Many shops
Summer vibe
A bit far from the city center

Best Accommodations in El Cabanyal

In the residential area of El Cabanyal, you’ll love the summer vibe. However, you’ll find a small selection of practically beachfront hotels, this is our recommendation.


✅ Best Hotel: Sol Playa

Sol Playa is a beautiful beachfront hotel where the staff is really friendly and accommodating! The hotel amenities include comfortable rooms with big balconies equipped with 2 chairs and a table overlooking the beach, which is a must! Definitely the best option in El Cabanyal.

⭐️ Luxury Choice: Las Arenas Balneario Resort

This is a beautiful 5-star resort where you’ll enjoy a comfortable and spacious room but also a beautiful seafront! Las Arenas Balneario Resort is a nice place providing many amenities such as 3 swimming pools and a spa. Another advantage? The breakfast there is excellent. You’ll love this hotel!

💰 Budget Pick: Nanit Valencia Hostel

Nanit Valencia Hostel is another nice hotel located on the beachfront. Very well located, close to the marina, it’ll be easy for you to find different options of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. This hotel is pretty and cozy and it provides very comfortable beds. A great value for money!

Valencia lodging options The BEST

Wait ✋ No concerns if you couldn’t find the ideal lodging on the beach here. The greatest hotel on the beach in Valencia may be found with this comprehensive information.


Where to Stay in Valencia to Get Away from the Crowds: Extramurs

district of extramurs in valencia

Valencia lodging options The BEST

Extramurs is a nice district in Valencia, in the south of Campanar and close to Ciutat Vella and Eixample, its location is relatively in the center of the city. This area has some tourist attractions and sightseeing such as the Botanical Garden of the University and the Torres de Quart, which are both beautiful.

Extramurs is a very good option to get away from the crowds since this is not a tourist area. By going there you’ll mostly enjoy a local vibe. Don’t forget to try the different restaurants there which provide excellent typical Spanish food. This place is also really convenient to stay in since different trains from all over the city arrive and depart, so you can relax in this place but also move easily.

Very central area
Tourist attractions
Bars and restaurants
Small place with not that many things to see

Best Accommodations in Extramurs

Extramurs is a nice place to stay if you want to avoid the crowds, this is mostly a spot to relax and enjoy local vibes. We’ll help you to find the best hotels there with our selection.

Valencia lodging options The BEST Valencia Accommodations in Spain [2022]

✅ Best Hotel: Loft zona Pechina en Valencia centro

The location of the Loft zona Pechina en Valencia Centro is good, you can walk everywhere in this area and you’ll find lots of restaurants and shops. The subway station is also very close which is useful. This loft is comfortable and spacious and the staff is really convenient. This is a good option!

⭐️ Luxury Choice: HQ Rooms Apartments San Vicente

Well located, HQ Rooms Apartments San Vicente is close to many shops and within walking distance from the Sorolla train station. This apartment is really spacious, well-equipped, and provides a beautiful terrace. The staff is extremely responsive and will help you with everything, so you can spend an amazing stay there!

💰 Budget Pick: City Suites Abastos

City Suites Abastos provides an excellent location close to both Turia Park in the river valley and the old town, it is also close to a grocery store and a bakery. This place is modern and well decorated, you’ll enjoy relaxing either in the flat or on the small patio at the back. Definitely a really nice place!


best places to stay in valencia spain

Valencia lodging options The BEST

Where NOT to Stay in Valencia

Valencia is definitely not a dangerous city and most of the neighborhoods are really safe there. The crime rate in Valencia is low and there aren’t many pickpockets in the city, so you shouldn’t have trouble going there.

Of course, if you’re going out late at night and partying hard it’d be better to take care as in every big city in the world. However, if you had to avoid only one place it would be Malva Rosa. This district had some troubles because of drug trafficking and it’s better not to spend too much time there.

best area to stay in valencia for tourists

Where NOT to Stay in Valencia

Final Thoughts & FAQ

If you’re coming for the first time to Valencia and you’re wondering: what is the best area to stay in Valencia for tourists? As we said above, we’d definitely recommend Ciutat Vella, the old town.

This is the best place since you can find most of the main sightseeing and attractions there. This is also a really convenient district to go everywhere in Valencia and enjoy many amenities.

Valencia lodging options The BEST Valencia Accommodations in Spain [2022]

How many days do I need to visit Valencia?

Valencia is actually a perfect destination for a city break: the city is not too big, has beautiful monuments (but not too many), and is close to the beach. 3 days is enough to visit the main sights and walk around the city at your own pace. In the summer, consider 4 days to add a day at the beach to your itinerary.

Note that most museums and monuments are closed on Mondays and close earlier (2pm) on Sundays and holidays. Keep this in mind if you are staying for the weekend!

When is the best time to visit Valencia?

With an average annual temperature of 18°C, the climate in Valencia is pleasant almost all year round, from March to November. But if you want to enjoy the beach, prefer the months from June to September for a suitable water temperature.

If you don’t like the summer heat but still want to enjoy the sun, going in May or October is perfect as the temperatures range from 17°C to 25°C.

How to get around in town?

The Valencia Tourist Card is essential to discover and move around Valencia easily. With it, you can use all the buses, subways and tramways available in the city. About prices, it costs 15€ for 24 hours, 20€ for 48 hours and 25€ for 72 hours.

This card also gives you other advantages, such as free entrance to museums and monuments in the city or special discounts on the top tourist attractions in Valencia.

Book your Valencia Tourist Card here.

Valencia lodging options The BEST

What are the best activities to do?

As Spain’s third largest town, Valencia offers plenty of things to do. But here’s a small list of the top-rated tourist attractions you simply can’t miss when in Valencia:

  1. Take a hop-on hop-off bus either for 24h or 48h to discover the city’s main sights
  2. 2-hour visit of the old town and its wonderful monuments
  3. Discover the Oceanogràfic, Europe’s biggest sea life center
  4. Take a catamaran cruise for a refreshing swim and unique views of Valencia

Valencia lodging options The BEST

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