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2 Jobs Vacancies at Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA) September 2023

Vacancies at Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA)

2 Jobs Vacancies at Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA) September 2023, Vacancies at Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA), Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA) is a non-profit organization with offices in Tanzania mainland with registration No 00NG/R2/0000232. SEGA’s mission is to educate and equip bright Tanzanian girls with academic, leadership, and business skills to unleash their talents and reach their full potential, with a particular focus on vulnerable girls. 

Vacancies at Secondary Education for Girls Advancement (SEGA)

The SEGA girls’ secondary school located in the Mkundi area, Morogoro Municipal provides quality holistic education for 280 form I – IV with more than 50% of its students being on scholarship. The school’s mission is to provide quality education for girls, fostering academic excellence, strong values, healthy self-esteem, and independent thinking skills, emphasizing leadership, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and environmental care.

1. Information and Computer Studies (ICS) Teacher – 1 post

The overall role responsibility of a Teacher at SEGA Girls Secondary School is to provide quality, participatory education opportunities for students that build both academic competence and practical skills to assist students to become self-reliant, contributing members of society upon graduation; and to contribute to the development of the SEGA Girls Secondary School as a quality, financially self-sufficient organization which may serve as a model to others.


R1.  Lessons Preparation/Planning and Materials Development: Develop creative, participatory, and integrated learning opportunities for students in your assigned subject areas as per the Tanzanian national curriculum, and as per SEGA’s vision and values to provide quality academic and practical education which builds self-reliance and entrepreneurship (30%)

Develops a scheme of work, and lesson plans as per the content of the National Curriculum for Secondary students Conducts detailed planning of classes that will actively involve students and engage them in higher-level thinking, specifically: Posing pre-planned high-level thinking questions that help students get to “the next level” of thinking and creativity Creating, identifying, and using a variety of teaching and learning materials appealing to different learning styles (charts, objects, songs) Varies teaching methods to stimulate students, such as the use of IT, video, small group discussion, hands-on and experiential learning, and other

2. English Speaking Matron – 1 post

The English matron will work hand in hand with the day matron, nurse, and prefects to ensure every program is followed properly Supervise cleanliness and watering gardens at 5:00-6:00 PM and 6:00-7:30 AM Make the follow-up on evening activities and ensure that balls and other game gear/ materials are available. MUST have the water keys and the kitchen should make sure water is not misused She should supervise preps and do roll call as much as possible, She must make sure and emphasize all students speak English, all the time, (suggest the best way to make them speak) she should take measures if any indiscipline happens and report to the discipline master the following day Should monitor health issues and provide assistance when it is needed,

should work with a nurse to see which time to go to the dispensary She must write a report for the previous night before she takes off her duty It is necessary that matron is punctual at work and are responsible for their duties. Remember all students are under your care and supervision during the whole time of night, anything that will happen during your duty, you will be held accountable. Should have meetings with prefects and students on how to behave well and for leaders, how well to do their activities and Supervise-Minutes should be taken during the meeting.

Advice and support as a parent will be very important as our students need close support and follow-up Maintain social distance and show your professionalism, students should respect you and learn from you (you will be a role model) help students to see how important a matron is and there is no gap between a teacher and a matron. The matron should monitor behavior, discipline, smartness, and good arrangement of beds, and make prefects do their responsibility Ensure the cleanliness of the school all the time NB: Matron is allowed to design how she will do all her responsibilities and suggest to the administration


  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma as an English-speaking matron 10 years of experience Experience working with students, particularly girls, preferred Experience in counseling is a plus Excellent spoken and written Swahili and English Interest in and ability to live in Morogoro Experience working with vulnerable populations preferred Ability to work well independently.

Mode of Application

Interested applicants may get detailed Job Description through the following website www.sega.or.tz, Please send only a cover letter and CV to recruitment@sega.or.tz by Thursday 5th October 2023. Early applications will be highly appreciated.

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