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Tyre man Supervisor Vacancies at Axia HR 2023

Tyre man Supervisor Vacancies at Axia HR 2023, We take a different approach when compared to other recruitment agencies. We source candidates that are willing to grow in their careers and give their work their absolute best. Before connecting you to a candidate/company, our team of experts will evaluate the compatibility of the two to see the best fit in terms of ethics, culture, experience, and qualifications. At Axia, we’re working to deliver results for the candidate and the client equally.


A Tyreman Supervisor responsible for performing skilled and specialized automotive mechanic work in repairing, maintaining, and replacement of tires of trucks or any other automotive vehicles in the Logistic Company. They will be responsible for ensuring conformance to industry standards by examining and repairing tires, performing preventative maintenance, responding to emergency road calls, skilled automotive mechanic work, tire installation, inspecting and testing tires to ensure conformance to standards, inventories, and requisitions supplies.


  • Maintains and orders the installation equipment. Responsible for the safe and proper operations of the tire bay equipment.
  • Inspects completed work by enforcing safety rules and maintaining shop equipment and supplies at the lowest possible cost.
  • Complies with safety and cleanliness standards. Manages tire bay checklists.
  • Keeping records of tire stock on hand and making recommendations for keeping stock at the proper level.
  • Supervises tire bay and team members. Ensures that team members work in a safe environment and are following the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for keeping transportation and construction equipment supplied with safe and serviceable tires and tub plans and sets up methods and procedures for tire repairing equipment together with assisting in performing this work.
  • Maintains and cleans the professional tire bay and waiting area. Merchandises tire displays and automotive products.


  • Diploma in Tyre management or other related fields.
  • At least three (3) working experience in tire repair.
  • Having a class 3 license will be an advantage.
  • A good knowledge of the various sizes, capacities, types, and structures of tires and tubes used on transportation and construction equipment.
  • A good knowledge of tire repair and recapping methods and a good knowledge of the safety principles and practices and hazards involved in working on shop and field tire repairs.
  • The ability to use tools and equipment employed in all phases of tire and rubber goods repair.
  • The ability to keep routine records and make accurate reports related to tire repair work; the ability to determine the most economical method of repair under varying circumstances of tire failure.
  • Check and advise on the condition of the
  • Use tire fixing machinery and be able to do wheel alignment and wheel balancing.
  • Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of tire size and equivalent.


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