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Location/Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and Social Networks for Excentric on Kloof

Location/Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and Social Networks for Excentric on Kloof,,. The importance of having beautiful hair is something Excentric on Kloof is aware of. We never become comfortable with your hair, so we always take the time to discuss your preferences with you during appointments, whether it’s a restyle, an updo, or a color change. Our skilled, experienced crew is dedicated to giving you the look you want.

Location/Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and Social Networks for Excentric on Kloof

At Excentric on Kloof With all our Beauty treatments we offer, you will be Excentric on Kloof for choice. We have over 21 years’ experience, and our level 3, fully qualified team offer a wide range of all types of Beauty Treatments including, Facials, Waxing, Eye Lash Extension’s, Spray Tans and Complementary Therapies all in a relaxed friendly salon.

Excentric on Kloof’s mission is to provide discriminating clients with refined senses and experience who are looking for space and time to enjoy themselves in a safe, tranquil setting with beauty from the hands of specialists.

Excentric on Kloof Available Services

As a salon owner using our services, you have the choice to work in a private suite rather than in the open or a semi-private area.

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We give you the opportunity to personalize your suites however you see fit by allowing you to decorate them however you think is best.

We provide you the power to choose the conditions under which you will work with your clients and the opportunity to offer them specialized services. You may give your clients privacy with our suites.

We are able to realize our goal in a unique setting in South Africa, the Sandton’s capital, thanks to professional knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and world-class products.

At Excentric on Kloof, we wish to do things more slowly. Creating a sense of calm and peace in light-filled spaces, as well as offering you our undivided attention and space to unwind during private consultations and the most luxurious facial treatments.

We are aware of the importance of maintaining beauty. It started out as a craft. Additionally, it is an art that blends technological expertise with medical expertise as well as comprehension and proper equipment management. As your Excentric on Kloof team, we promise the greatest level of professionalism, sensitivity, and the best materials available.

Is there anything more invigorating than a total makeover? Change your hair, and it feels like you can start a whole new life.

Whether you’re looking to chop it off, change the color, shave a bit, add some curls or go for a full fantasy dye-job, who you let touch your hair can make or break the whole experience. It can be scary looking for a new salon, or it can be an adventure.

This is your best option; just be sure to display your attractiveness in a way that makes everyone want to be you.

So reserve your spot and seize the opportunity.

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Excentric on Kloof location check

Excentric on Kloof is located at Ancker E Incorporated in Cape Town, South Africa

Excentric on Kloof Address line

39 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa.

Excentric on Kloof phone number/ Telephone

You can contact them through the following phone number;

Excentric on Kloof Email Address line

You can contact them through the following email:

Excentric on Kloof Social Networks accounts

You can contact them through their social network as following :




 +27 76 274 2626



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