Registration for the Matric Rewrite is now open

Registration for the Matric Rewrite is now open.

Registration for the Matric Rewrite is now open. Learners can now register to take the Senior Certificate (SC) and National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams in May/June.

Registration for the Matric Rewrite is now open.

Late applications for the May/June Senior Certificate (SC) and National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations are now being accepted.

Those who want to register can do so at their nearest Education District Office or online at http://www.eservices.gov.za/

Candidates who registered to take the November 2020 matric exam but did not meet the requirements for a certificate are eligible for this exam session.

Candidates who were unable to write due to medical reasons or a family death may also apply for a rewrite.

Registration for the Matric Rewrite is now open.

This is part of the Second Chance Programme, which was launched in 2016 to give young people a better chance of passing their final matriculation exams.

The program’s dates are as follows:

Supplementary exams for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) – March

The National Senior Certificate (NSC) advanced students (This is for learners who wrote the NSC the previous year but did not write all 6 subjects) – June

NSC candidates who work part-time (This is for learners who attempted to write the NSC examinations after 2015) – The month of November

To be registered you will need to submit the following:

Completed registration form
A certified copy of your ID document or birth certificate or passport (foreign candidates)
Repeater candidates must attach a copy of their previous highest qualification
If you have you entered and wrote any other Grade 12 or equivalent examination before you will need to supply the examination numbers for those exams.

“The project’s goal is to provide young people who have not met the requirements with the opportunity to obtain both the national senior certificate and the amended senior certificate. They can upgrade or improve their results through the second chance program, and thus improve the quality of their lives by having access to more programs,” said Dr Sandy Malapile.

, Director of the Second Chance Programme.
The programme will benefit learners, as they will get the opportunity to not only receive their matric qualification, but to also learn computer skills and gain access to bursaries, job opportunities and career advice.

“The matric qualification is very critical and it’s an absolute necessity for all young people to be able to achieve this qualification.” said Dr Malapile.
There are four packages of support that are offered to those hoping to rewrite.
These packages include:

Candidates studying for the rewrite can watch educational programs on DSTV, Openview, and SABC.

Face-to face support
Broadcasting programmes
Offline/online content
Print Registration for the Matric Rewrite is now open.

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