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Program Quality and Strategy Director job at World Vision 2023

Program Quality and Strategy Director job at World Vision 2023-Job Vacancies at World Vision Tanzania: World Vision Tanzania seeks highly qualified candidates for an anticipated five-year donor funded project

Program Quality and Strategy Director job at World Vision 2023

Major responsibilities
Leadership and strategic management: 30%
• Oversee strategy formulation, cascading, implementation tracking and reporting in line with the WVI Partnership strategy ‘Our Promise.’
• Provide leadership to the technical programs and Evidence and Learning Teams for fidelity of implementation models

Oversee implementation and application of Transformational development principles across all programs and projects
• In collaboration with P&C, ensure right staff are recruited, retained, and provided with intentional opportunities, mentoring and coaching for development
• Ensure that all program interventions are supported and implemented as per LEAP, and other partnership and donor standards Program Quality and Strategy Director job at World Vision 2023
• Ensure integration of faith and development in Technical Programs.

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End Results
• Timely and agile National office Strategy in place and aligned with WVI Standards
• Technical programs alignment to national and global priorities
• Staff potentials and capacity enhanced for effective execution of their job for greater ministry impact
• NO strategy and TP successfully implemented and produce expected results
• Practical quality assurance and quality improvement plans implemented within the technical programs

Accountability and quality assurance: 25%
• Provide leadership and direction needed to promote a culture of quality programming, innovative DME, learning and reporting throughout World Vision Tanzania in line with LEAP, global and industry standards
• Support timely and effective implementation of various accountability mechanisms such as Operational and Finance Audits and Programme evaluations
• Ensure internal control systems are implemented to mitigate risks and ensure accountability that will result in good audit ratings
• Provide leadership to program teams to ensure the capturing and dissemination of program impact

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Strategy monitoring, performance review and reporting: 15%
• Provide leadership to the strategy tracking, performance review and reporting.
• In collaboration with the finance unit, ensure planning and budgeting, project funding, expenditures and process are aligned and operating smoothly.
• Ensure the development of WV Tanzania’s capacity to focus strategically on initiatives which generate higher quality programming leading to measurable and sustainable development.

Resource acquisition and management: 10%
• In collaboration with Grants Acquisition Director and grants teams support the development of a business plan to diversify the WV Tanzania funding portfolio
• Provide support in funding negotiations with support offices and donors in coordination with RD
• In coordination with RD Department develop growth plans for the relevant technical program area in line with the country strategy
• Actively support the roll out of WV Tanzania’s National Resource Development & Acquisition plan by providing relevant data as needed.

Networking and coordination: 15%
• Maintain effective communications and pro-active relationships with Support Office partners, including visits by donors.
• In coordination with Operations Director and Support Offices, develop and maintain pro-active relationships with bilateral and multilateral representatives in country
• In coordination with the Operations Director develop and maintain good relationships with national government ministries, other NGOs and the development sector in general


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