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New Update | UDSM selected applicants 2022/23


UDSM selected applicants 2022/23

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) is the oldest and premier public university in Tanzania. It is situated 13 kilometers on the western side of the city of Dar es Salaam, occupying 1,625 acres on the observation hill, famously known as Mlimani in Kiswahili. It was established on 25th October 1961 as the University College Dar es Salaam (UCD), an affiliate college of the University of London. UDSM became a full-fledged university on 1st July 1970 through Act No. 12 of 1970.


Selection results for Round One are now available in applicants’ accounts at https://udsm.admission.ac.tz. Please log in to your application account to view the results. We Congratulate and Welcome all those selected to join the University of Dar es Salaam.

Candidates with single admission will be served with admission letters after all rounds of selections are completed.

Candidates with multiple admissions are required to confirm their offers through their admission accounts. Please request a CODE, then enter the CODE on the given slot, and finally click CONFIRM.

Important dates for candidates with multiple admissions (candidates selected by more than one institution)

  • 24th August 2022: Multiple admission status displayed in applicants’ admission accounts and confirmation of admission offer begins
  • 6th September 2022: Deadline for confirmation of admission offer

Please note that failure to confirm by the deadline will indicate that you have not accepted the offer and your slot will be filled by other applicants

Be aware:

  • No payment is required to obtain a confirmation CODE
  • The codes can only be requested through applicants’ admission accounts

Please note that the Second Window of Applications will open on the 24th 
August 2022. You are all invited to re-apply or send a new application if you missed the first round.


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