Pastry Chef Job Vacancy at VYNN Cafe July 2023

New Jobs Vacancies VYNN

Pastry Chef Job Vacancy at VYNN Cafe July 2023, New Jobs Vacancies VYNN, Develop and adapt dessert recipes, experimenting with ingredients and techniques to craft innovative and unique offerings. Plating and Presentation.

New Jobs Vacancies VYNN

Nestled in the vibrant district of Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam, VYNN Cafe was born out of anlove for coffee, an appreciation for fresh food, and a passion for creating warm, inviting spaces. We’ve created more than just a cafe – VYNN is a gathering spot, a workspace, a place to celebrate, and a home away from home. We are a unique blend of modernity, creativity, and warmth where every visit transforms into a delightful experience. New Jobs Vacancies VYNN

  • Job Type SPECIFIC PERIOD. Location – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • JOB TITLE: Pastry Chef

Duties and Responsibilities of a Pastry Chef

Dessert Preparation: Prepare a wide variety of desserts, including cakes, pastries, cookies, pies, tarts, and bread, following precise recipes and techniques. Menu Development: Collaborate with kitchen staff or management to create and update dessert. menus, introducing new items or seasonal specialties. Recipe Creation: Develop and adapt dessert recipes, experimenting with ingredients and techniques to craft innovative and unique offerings. Plating and Presentation: Ensure the artistic and appealing presentation of desserts, paying close attention to detail in arrangement and garnishing. Quality Control: Conduct taste tests and inspect the appearance of desserts to maintain consistency and excellence in each batch. Kitchen Organization: Manage the pastry station efficiently, keeping track of ingredient inventory, and ensuring equipment is well-maintained. New Jobs Vacancies VYNN

Pastry Decoration: Specialize in intricate cake decoration using icing, fondant, and other edible elements for special occasions. Special Dietary Needs: Adapt recipes to accommodate dietary restrictions such as vegan, gluten-free, or allergen-free options. Trend Awareness: Stay updated with the latest pastry trends and techniques to continually improve and innovate dessert offerings. Teamwork and Collaboration: Work collaboratively with other kitchen staff to ensure smooth. operations and timely dessert service. Restaurant’s quality standards. Equipment. Adhere to food portioning and plating standards for consistent portion sizes and attractive presentation. Follow health and safety regulations, including proper handling and storage of food, as well as maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in the hot kitchen. Collaborate with the kitchen team to ensure smooth operation and effective communication within the kitchen environment.


Culinary Degree or equivalent experience in pastry arts from a reputable culinary school or institute. Proven experience as a Pastry Chef or in a similar role within a renowned establishment. Proficiency in various pastry techniques, baking methods, and dessert presentation. Demonstrated creativity and artistic flair, with the ability to develop new and innovative dessert recipes. Excellent attention to detail and precision to achieve consistent and high-quality results. Knowledge of a wide range of ingredients and their properties, including familiarity with dietary considerations. Strong time management skills and the ability to work well under pressure in a fast- paced kitchen environment. Leadership skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with other kitchen staff. Thorough understanding of food safety regulations and sanitation standards. Adaptability to cater to different dietary preferences and cultural preferences.

How to Apply

Interested candidates may send their CV and Academic certificates (Ms. Word format or PDF) thomalbert91@gmail.com and sindesteve@gmail.com Deadline 03/08/2023.

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