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New Job Opportunity at St. Joseph’s Nursery, School Matron

Nafasi Za Kazi New Job Opportunity at St. Joseph’s Nursery, School Matron

New Job Opportunity at St. Joseph’s Nursery, School Matron

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St. Joseph’s Schools has over 20 years of experience in the education sector. It comprises of a Nursery school, Primary School and a Special Education Unit. We aim to lead towards a balanced and inclusive approach to education. Every year we graduate pupils not just with good grades; but who are God-fearing, courageous and independent thinkers. Several of these pupils come from disadvantaged families and have fully embrace their opportunities. Our mission is to nurture the curiosity of our pupils and instill joy in the learning process. We recognize the uniqueness of each pupil and approach them individually to help them succeed. We recognize the different ways pupils display intelligence and prioritize arts at the same level of science, maths and language.

About the job

We are looking for a matron who will be responsible for overseeing the domestic running of the female boarding unit; responsibilities will include supervising cleaning, laundry, maintenance, health and safety and medical arrangements for individual pupils. The Matron will be required to liaise with the school principal and teachers, as well as parents, about individual student development issues.


Helping children settle into school life. Keeping parents informed about their children’s health and well-being. Making sure children’s clothes are kept clean and are repaired and replaced when necessary. Looking after children with minor illnesses. Taking children to medical and dental appointments and calling for emergency treatment if necessary. Keeping children’s records up to date. Supervising cleaning and domestic staff.

Assist children in completing their school work. Supervise library and ICT sessions. Help organize sports activities.


Nursing background or first aid qualifications.

A warm and sympathetic personality

Great time management skills

The ability to deal with emergencies calmly

3 years experience in a similar role


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