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Nafasi za Kujiunga na Mafunzo ya kujitolea JKT 2023

Call to Join JKT trainings for volunteers in 2023, August 2023, Nafasi za Kujiunga na Mafunzo ya kujitolea JKT 2023, Wito Wa Kujiunga na Mafunzo Ya JKT Kwa kujitolea Mwaka 2023, the National Guard is legal, since in 1964, Parliament enacted the Act for the establishment of the JKT and the law gave the 1963 decision of the Council of Ministers for the establishment of the Army.

Nafasi za Kujiunga na Mafunzo ya kujitolea JKT 2023

The National Building Army (JKT) has been receiving and conducting National Defense, Patriotism, Entrepreneurship, Naturalization (through Agriculture, Farming and Trade training) at different times as per instructions from the Ministry of Defense and the National Building Army. the youth of the JKT are divided into two groups.

  1. Youth Volunteers and
  2. Youth of the Law.

Youth Volunteers

These are JKT youth who join JKT on a voluntary contract for a minimum of two (2) years. Once enrolled, the young people are sent to various JKT camps for various training. Nafasi za Kujiunga na Mafunzo ya kujitolea JKT 2023

Conditions for a young volunteer for joining the National Guard. Be a citizen of Tanzania Aged between 18 and 23 years Finished the 7th grade and continued Married and not married to anyone who is dependent on Be prepared to abide by all the military laws that are imposed upon him while in the military (escape, theft, drunkenness, smoking marijuana, drugs and access to abortion etc.) The military is a serious offence, and you will be prosecuted and cancelled by JKT Ready to return home after completing his contract with the National Guard Have good manners and manners.


JKT recruits’ youth volunteers from all regions of the country every year. The procedure used is for JKT to write letters to the heads of the Regions and to identify the positions the region has been allocated.Nafasi za Kujiunga na Mafunzo ya kujitolea JKT 2023

After the Region received a letter from the Head of JKT with the number of youth positions assigned to join. The province assigns those positions according to its districts. Districts are also required to deploy in divisions, wards and villages. District administrations often post an advertisement for those positions on their bulletin board. The JKT advertises positions to join the army through state media and private media with the intention of accelerating the information. especially young people. The initial interviews are conducted under the District Defense and Security Committees where the youth are from, later held in the region, to get the number of youths in the entire region.

When the exercise is completed in the regions, JKT sends teams of officers and soldiers from JKT Headquarters to check on the young people interviewed in all regions of mainland Tanzania. Young people are assessed for their health and transported into the JKT forces.


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