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8 New Various Intern Job at Jhpiego July 2023

Nafasi za Internship Jhpiego 2023

8 New Various Intern Job at Jhpiego July 2023, Nafasi za Internship Jhpiego 2023, Jhpiego is a nonprofit global leader in the creation and delivery of transformative health care solutions for the developing world. In partnership with national governments, health experts and local communities, we build health providers’ skills, and develop systems that save lives now and guarantee healthier futures for women and their families. Our aim is revolutionizing health care for the planet’s most disadvantaged people.

Nafasi za Internship Jhpiego 2023

Jhpiego, a Johns Hopkins University Affiliate, translates decades of program experience and in-depth technical knowledge into moments of care that can mean the difference between life and death for women and families. The moment a woman gives birth; the moment a midwife helps a newborn to breath; the moment a nurse screens for cervical cancer with a simple vinegar swab; the moment a community health worker tests a man for HIV and reports he is HIV free. By embedding the know-how and skills into everyday practice, we are able to increase access to quality health services and create a healthier future for generations to come. Access to lifesaving health care for all people, whoever they are, wherever they live, that’s our mission.

1.Intern – Procurement

The Procurement Intern will have the opportunity to learn and practice on organization procurement process from initial to final stages. The intern will assist in organization of procurement related documents for filing and other downstream processes. The Intern will work under the guidance of Procurement Manager. Nafasi za Internship Jhpiego 2023


Sourcing for quotations and negotiating for prices, terms, delivery and after sale services with vendors. Assist in preparation of basis for vendor selection for approval of procurement. Support in raising LPOs and forwarding to vendors/suppliers. Follow up with vendors to ensure timely delivery of goods and services. Work with Jhpiego user department to determine specifications for goods and services. Assist, as assigned, in all steps involved in procurement process which includes distribution of quotation requests,

collection of proforma invoices, delivery of Purchase Orders, collection of goods, obtaining Goods Receiving Note’s, and final submission of GRNs and receipts to Finance. Review completeness and accuracy of all documentation from product ordering to the actual delivery goods, confirming receipt of the right quantity. Work closely with the Procurement Manager and Officers to ensure timely procurement and proactively identify gaps and make suggestions for improvement. Ensure appropriate vendor management and coordinate timely payment to all vendors. Provide support in processing of VAT refund.

2.Intern – Store Assistant

The intern will get opportunity to learn on how Jhpiego works in controlling stock from entry point to the issuing, also will be able to learn the System used by Jhpiego for both Asset and Inventory management. She/He will be able to learn how the inventory count is done and reporting of the inventory count.Nafasi za Internship Jhpiego 2023


Follow up on remaining unverified assets. Work on memo for disposal list of assets after the final report for verification. Work on raffle for disposition of the obsolete items for disposal. Generate GRN for received inventory. Tagging the received assets and update the system for Afya Yangu; expect delivery of 500 tablet and smartphones. Receiving, issuing and tracking the Jhpiego assets to make sure they are all updated to the system. Liaise with the regional office PA to get the list of assets procured at the regional level for reporting. Raise requisition for office supplies i.e. stationery, kitchen and IPC material as required. Required Qualifications University degree and/or college diploma in Procurement or Material Management field. Secretarial training and/or office management/operations training.

3.Intern – Communications

Jhpiego, an international health non-profit affiliated with Johns Hopkins University intends to strengthen the Communications department by engaging an intern who will participate in documenting and help projects gain visibility externally to the large audience. The intern will help to document, develop and share Tanzanians key collaborative achievements, impact, and success stories from the field. Nafasi za Internship Jhpiego 2023


Assist the communication team in the creation of all necessary communication materials within Jhpiego Tanzania scope, including suggesting ideas and writing copy for social media posts, story articles and other print material. Support communication and campaigns, driving growth for the Jhpiego profile in Tanzania via social media. Assist the communication team in branding-related activities. Assist the communication team to transform text-based communications materials into visual graphic designed materials such as infographic, brochures, backdrop.

4.Intern – Human Resources

Intern- Human Resource will work under the supervision of the Director, Human Resources. He/she will provide human resource support to the Jhpiego Tanzania office to effectively deliver but not limited to human resource services and functions. These include providing HR support in recruitment, onboarding, HR administration, and employee relations.


Assist in the whole process of recruitment, including requisition forms, advertising, screening of applications, interview, selection, and reference checks. Provide administrative and logistics supports during staff onboarding, transitioning, and exiting. Provide administrative office support to the HR office and ensure smooth running of the office Assist in filing HR documents, including employees’ records Follow-up with staff and managers in submitting various documents required due to HR periodical processes. Any other official duties as assigned.

5.Intern – Compliance

The intern will be equipped with skills to analyze internal controls, identify gaps and provide solutions, will also be equipped with skills to review documents with professional skepticism. Intern will have chance to put into practice accounting and auditing lessons learned at college/university. Responsibilities VAT reconciliations Review of vendor payments Review of expense report Review of MWP payments Review of fuel reconciliation Review of petty cash Required Qualifications Degree in Accounting and or finance.

6.Intern – ICT

The intern will gain work experience that gives her/him a distinctive edge that is required to gain success in a future ICT career, to troubleshoot internet connectivity, remedy all issues relating to malware, Support office 365 to clients, provide IT support, maintain network equipment and Configure servers.


Assist installation of application software in the new computer. JEMS and JDR user’s support. Migrate user’s old email, and files from old computer to new computer. Mobile Phone Outlook 365 Configuration. Printer Preventive Maintenance (PM). General IT user support. Computer auditing, removing unauthorized software, scanning and updating Antiviruses. Monitor antivirus software, updates, and repair computers infected with spyware, adware and/or viruses. Configure application settings (email, instant messaging, online meetings, web collaboration, OneDrive storage, Yammer). Support users using office 365. Any other IT-related tasks.

7.Intern – Digitalization

A Digitalization Intern is responsible for organizing and managing hard copy files to digital files and documents within an organization. Ensuring efficient and accurate record keeping, retrieval, and storage of electronic information. The primary objective of a Digital Filing intern is to establish and maintain a well-organized digital filing system that promotes easy access, and compliance of Finance files, HR files, and Operation files.


File Organization: Create and implement a structured digital filing system to store and categorize electronic files and documents. This involves designing a logical folder hierarchy and naming conventions for easy retrieval and efficient storage Document Indexing: Assign appropriate metadata and tags to digital files to facilitate quick and accurate searches. This includes capturing relevant information such as document type, date, and keywords to enable efficient retrieval.

Data migration from physical documents to digital formats or converting files into appropriate electronic formats. Quality Control: Ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of digital files and data. Perform regular audits to identify and resolve any inconsistencies or errors in the filing system. Sorting all files according to content, dates, significance, etc. Scanning and uploading files to SharePoint. Develop an efficient filing system to make updating and retrieving files easier for SharePoint. Follow confidentiality dictations to safeguard data and information. Develop the document management plan and update it, as needed. Labelling and updating paper files

8. Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant intern will get opportunity to learn on how Jhpiego works with Government and Jhpiego Operation Systems at large, by supporting staff, the accommodation system and keeping the record at large. Ensures the contacts of all officers at the Ministries and other stakeholders are compiled and shared to supervisor. Ensures the office is free of pests by ensuring regular fumigation. Assumes other duties as assigned by the supervisor to ensure the sound functioning of the office and achievement of project goals.


  • Serve as a backup receptionist and takes charge of answering the telephone. Receive and dispatching all the letters to and from the Ministries and other government, agencies, e.g., Registrar of NGOs in Dodoma Maintain the record of document submitted at the office for dispatch at the ministry Opens and locks office doors, windows and blinds before and after the workday. Ensures the office has adequate stock of stationery and kitchen supplies. Ensures offices are well set-up with necessary furniture and equipment. Maintains office plants and decors. Ensures shared equipment including heavy duty staplers and punching machines, shredders, binding machines.

Method of Application

  1. Intern – Procurement
  2. Intern – Store Assistant
  3. Intern – Communications
  4. Intern – Human Resources
  5. Intern – Compliance
  6. Intern – ICT
  7. Intern – Digitalization
  8. Administrative Assistant

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