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Nafasi 89+ za kazi Temeke Municipal Council, August 2023

89+ Jobs Vacancies at Temeke Municipal Council, August 2023, Nafasi 89+ za kazi Temeke Municipal Council, Tanzania Jobs Temeke Municipal Council was established on 10th November 1999 under the Local Government (Urban) Authorities Act. 1982 No. 8 section 8 and 9. Temeke Municipal is the one of municipal councils of Dar es Salaam city in Tanzania, other municipalities are Kinondoni and Ilala.

Nafasi 89+ za kazi Temeke Municipal Council

Temeke is the largest municipal among all municipalities of Dar es Salaam. it consists of three (3) division (Mbagala, Kigamboni an Chang’ombe) and thirty (30) wards. Before that time Dar es Salaam City and Coast Region constituted a single region known as Coast Region Later on, the region was further subdivided into two Regions namely Coast region and Dar es Salaam region.Nafasi 89+ za kazi Temeke Municipal Council

The Temeke Municipality Director’s Office is announcing job vacancies (contract for one year) in the following Hospitals and Health Centers:- Mbagala Rangi Tatu Hospital, Cigarette Clinic, Sandali Clinic, Kijichi Health Center, Kizuani Clinic, Center Health Roundtable, Majimatitu Health Centre, Charambe Clinic, Kilakala Clinic, Kichemchem Clinic, Chang’ombe Clinic, Kigugi Clinic, Buza Health Centre, Yombo Vituka Health Centre, Tandika Clinic, Mikwambe Clinic, Makangarawe Dispensary, Tambukareli Dispensary, Miburani Dispensary, Mzinga Dispensary, Toongoma Dispensary, Chamazi Dispensary, Mtoni and Mbande Dispensary So all Tanzanians with qualifications and abilities to fill the position mentioned below send applications.

Applications should be sent to:

  • S.L.P 46343,

Deadline for sending applications, seven days from the date of this announcement.

  • G. B. Fear
  • Kny: Executive Director Temeke Municipality

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