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Lehasa is a ball of nerves, waiting for his verdict- Skeem Saam

Lehasa is a ball of nerves, waiting for his verdict- Skeem Saam

Lehasa is a ball of nerves, waiting for his verdict- Skeem Saam

let me drop coment below about tonight skeem saam episode

Please my lord don’t send him to jail he is pretty’s bae for heaven sake

The way Lehasa was crying and showing the love he had for Fani i now believe Lehasa didn’t kill Fani😭😂 Charles Kunutu did. Can the man walk free already. His 2 wives are waiting for him.

He ain’t going to jail this 1, unless the bandas ancestors ain’t from Malawi

Lehasa- “I loved Fanie he was like a brother to me

Emkay & Bontle- “Unamanga wena mbulali”

Some times state lawyer fail to do their job whereas they have all evidence.

Hospital CCTV shows Lehasa went to Late Fanie ward. But fail to dig the information.

Lehasa is a ball skeemsaam

They suppsed to trace his phone or his car or if the Hospital have cameras outside the yard or at the main gate.

They should have requested the entire CCTV.

Leeto defended him very well and state witness fail to bring him down.

Patiently waiting to see Peterson. Mj, Bontle and Charles Kunutu s reaction if Lehasa is found not guilty

We all know he’s gonna walk free mos…He always gets away with everything

Repeat after me: ” As long as he’s with Pretty guys Lehasa is innocent I mean innocent

Tebogo Rondo Seerain

This case has taught me how quick people forgive when they benefit something from the culprit 💔

I don’t know,but Lehasa should just go to prison once and bring a gentleman for Pretty..and then Khwezi will cause a scene 😂😂 just saying.

I didn’t know he can be these dramatic him crying and whipping his tears a.a Lehasa o nale drama

Can someone pls prove dat Lehasa is innocent, I wanna focus on mam Tobogale and her new boyfriend

At times we get so caught up with what others expect from us that we neglect our own needs and what we have to work on ourselves. Remember, self-care is important too. Don’t lose perspective.

Lehasa is a ball skeemsaam

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