Kupata kibali cha kusafiri nje ya nchi

Jinsi Ya Kupata kibali cha kusafiri nje ya nchi

Kupata kibali cha kusafiri nje ya nchi, Obtaining permission to travel abroad

The Office of the President TAMISEMI is the only Ministry whose Headquarters started in Dodoma since the beginning of the seventies since the Government announced that the Government Headquarters is Dodoma and in Dar es Salaam there has been a small Office. The presence of the Headquarters in Dodoma was aimed at providing equal opportunities to its main stakeholders, especially the Regions and Local Government Authorities to reach Dodoma easily when they follow various services.

The purpose of the existence of Local Governments is to transfer Powers to the Citizens, which originates from the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977 in Chapter 8, Article 145 and 146. The transfer of power to the citizens is through the Local Government Authorities and that is why Local Governments and Citizens’ participation in the development process have been identified in the Constitution and Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.


1. Make sure you are registered in the system. You can request it through the IT officer of your local Council

2. Terminate your System account. Use your government e-mail account to register and activate your account immediately after the first step is completed

3.Log in and select the Travel permit link. On the left side of the system there are options, select the travel permit link and then select Apply for permit.

4. Fill out the Form by following steps number 1 to number

5. Once you have completed filling out the form completely, click submit to complete the permit application


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