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16 Job Vacancies at Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) August 2023

Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) Vacancies

16 Job Vacancies at Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) August 2023, Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) Vacancies Kibaha Education Centre is a multi-purpose educational institution situated in Coast Region 40 kilometers (24 miles) west of Dar es Salaam City along Morogoro Road.

Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) Vacancies

The centre was started in 1963, sponsored by five countries – The then Tanganyika Government on one hand and the Government of the four Nordic Countries on the other i.e. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Centre was known as the “Nordic Tanganyika Project” until 1970 when the four Nordic Countries handed over to Tanzania Government. The Nordic Tanganyika Project then became Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) as per Public Corporation Act, No.17 of 1969 as revised by Public Corporation Act, Cap 257 R.E 2002.

According to the KEC (Establishment) order, issued under the Public Corporation Act, cap 257, R.E 2002, the Centre is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture and Food Security, Health & Social Welfare, Education and Vocation Training, Finance and President Office – Regional Administration and Local Government, the District Commissioner (Kibaha) in which the Centre is located, and three other members appointed by the Board. Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) Vacancies

  1. 2 Teachers Grade IIIC (English)
  2. 2 Teachers Grade IIIC (Literature in English)
  3. 2 Teachers Grade IIIC (Chemistry)
  4. 2 Teachers Grade IIIC (Physics)
  5. Teacher Grade IIIC (Mathematics & Information and Communication
  6. 3 Teachers Grade IIIC (Biology)
  7. 2 Teachers Grade IIIC (Home Economics and Human Nutrition)
  8. 2 Teachers Grade IIIC (Special Needs)


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