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8+ New Jobs Vacancies at Jhpiego August 2023

Jobs Vacancies at Jhpiego

8+ New Jobs Vacancies at Jhpiego August 2023, Tanzania Jobs, Jhpiego is a nonprofit global leader in the creation and delivery of transformative health care solutions for the developing world. In partnership with national governments, health experts and local communities, we build health providers’ skills, and develop systems that save lives now and guarantee healthier futures for women and their families. Our aim is revolutionizing health care for the planet’s most disadvantaged people.

Jobs Vacancies at Jhpiego

Jhpiego, a Johns Hopkins University Affiliate, translates decades of program experience and in-depth technical knowledge into moments of care that can mean the difference between life and death for women and families. The moment a woman gives birth; the moment a midwife helps a newborn to breath; the moment a nurse screens for cervical cancer with a simple vinegar swab; the moment a community health worker tests a man for HIV and reports he is HIV free. By embedding the know-how and skills into everyday practice, we are able to increase access to quality health services and create a healthier future for generations to come. Access to lifesaving health care for all people, whoever they are, wherever they live, that’s our mission.

1.Cluster Project Officer

The Cluster Project Officer (CPO) provides management support for all activities implemented through councils working closely with CHMTs and Ward Development Committees (WDCs) and Village Social Services Committee (VSSCs). The CPO uses their detailed knowledge of these local government structures, their mandates, reporting lines and contextual factors to build and maintain productive relationships with local leaders and influencers (LLIs).

The CPO’s short-term objective is to increase VMMC acceptance, access, and uptake to meet project targets while their long-term objective is to increase engagement, ownership and accountability to promote VMMC integration and sustainability. The CPO will be the RISE point of contact in assigned councils and will support 2-3 councils.

2.Program Manager

The Program Manager (PM) position provides overall management of RISE regional teams (RRTs) to facilitate project planning, implementation, and review in Iringa, Morogoro, Njombe, Singida and Tabora regions. The PM guides RRTs on priority setting, maintains two-way communication with RHMTs, MOH and PORALG to facilitate advocacy, engagement, and consensus between national, regional, and local government authorities to align project objectives and national priorities with the local context.

The PM promotes partnership, learning and adaptive management within RRTs, connects them with the project senior management team (SMT) and mediates access to resources available within Jhpiego to create a conducive and responsive environment for RRTs to achieve optimal results in a cost-efficient manner. The PM is a member of the SMT and RISE point of contact for MOH and PORALGJobs Vacancies at Jhpiego

3.Supply Chain specialist

The Supply Chain Specialist (SCS) provides dedicated operations, procurement and logistical support to the project field teams and implementing partners. The SCS leads stocktaking in project warehouses located in Morogoro and Tabora regions, forecasting and quantifying medical and nonmedical commodities and equipment needed to achieve annual target, and coordinates procurement requests and distribution internally and externally. The SCS monitors stock movement working in close collaboration with Program Assistants to track facility-level consumption, and forewarns regions about overstocked, out-of-stock and expiring products. The SCS is accountability for the project’s inventory held in the warehouses.

4.Senior Regional Coordinator

The Senior Regional Coordinator (SRC) is responsible for overall coordination and management of RISE operations in the region to ensure effective and efficient implementation of RISE work plan activities. This includes handling day-to-day operations of the regional office, providing that the RISE regional team (RRT) is sufficiently resourced and supported to perform its duties and maintaining productive relationships with stakeholders within the region including RHMTs, CHMTs and implementing partners (IPs).

In collaboration with the RISE Program Manager and project senior management team (SMT), the SRC supports their RRT to create a conducive and responsive environment to deliver VMMC services targeting all eligible clients while ensuring quality, safety and integrity. The SRC is responsible for achieving their region’s quarterly project targets in a cost-efficient manner.

5.Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Assistant

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Assistant provides data management, analysis and utilization support to the project team in assigned regions. The M&E Assistant creates awareness of targets, supports data reporting through the national and donor data systems, monitors progress towards achieving target and provides regular data analysis to identify trends and promote timely course correction based on data-driven decision making (4D).

The M&E Assistant supports data quality assurance activities using RISE data management standard operating procedures and continuous quality improvement (CQI) using existing CQI tools implemented by R/CHMTs as part of their supportive supervision and continuously builds their capacity and use of 4D.

6.Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Advisor

The Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Advisor provides overall SBC direction and mentorship to the project team and partners. The SBC Advisor supports social mapping using local intelligence to identify areas of unmet need for VMMC, estimate community-level VMMC coverage and adapt locally driven strategies to refine interventions for specific sub-populations and settings frequented by men.

The SBC Advisor facilitates innovations using human-centered design principles and community assets to integrate effective age- and population-specific interventions. The SBC Advisor is the project’s point of contact with the Health Promotion Section (HPS) under MOH and Breakthrough ACTION, a USAID-funded SBC project supporting all USAID implementing partners in Tanzania and represents the project in the national SBC Technical Advisory Committee.

7.Project Driver

The Project Driver (PD) provides dedicated transport and logistics support to the project team. The PD will be assigned to operate and maintain a clean motor vehicle in good working condition, be available for approved activities to transport staff and property safely and on schedule, and support the team during travel and route planning.

The PD will ensure compliance with USAID, JHU and Jhpiego motor vehicle operation and fuel card use policies and observes road safety requirements in accordance with the Tanzania Road Traffic Act and other driving directives. The PD will coordinate with his/her supervisor, the designated RISE lead driver and the Jhpiego Transport Office on transport maintenance and repair and if alternative transport is necessary.

8.Program Assistant

The Program Assistant (PA) provides administrative, logistics, finance and office support to the project team in assigned regions. The PA manages the operations of the region offices, stores and warehouses working closely with the Jhpiego office crosscutting team to ensure proper coordination in supporting smooth program operations. Jobs Vacancies at Jhpiego

This includes but is not limited to managing issuance of commodities, stock and consumables, raising requisitions for procurement of supplies, preparing activity budgets and scopes of work, and maintaining office and store premises in compliance with MOH, USAID, Jhpiego hygiene, safety and security standards and other requirements promoted under the Occupational Safety and health Authorities (OSHA)

Method Of Application

  1. Cluster Project Officer
  2. Program Manager
  3. Supply Chain specialist
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Assistant
  5. Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Advisor
  6. Project Driver
  7. Program Assistant

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