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Grants Compliance, Partnerships Manager Jobs at World Vision


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Grants Compliance, Partnerships Manager Jobs at World Vision

With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.
Come join our 34,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories

Key Responsibilities



Grant’s compliance (awarded portfolio) 40%

  • Provide technical support to grants on donor & partnership compliance efforts (assess, set policies & controls, measure, monitor and enforce).

End Results

  • Ensure grants compliance regulations are included in start-up workshops for all grants for building staff capacity
  • Act as a focal point for WVT on all donor compliance requirements, ensuring that staff and partners are correctly informed of donor requirements and are fully capacitated to ensure compliance
  • Manage compliance related and reputational risks by proactively monitoring compliance, identifying issues in a timely manner and working with colleagues to resolve them.
  • Ensure effective coordination and problem solving between teams, involving Senior Grants Operations Manager, Operations Director, Procurement Manager and Resource Development and Program Quality Director
  • Standardize approaches to grant compliance by developing and applying compliance review tools to all grants
  • Extract, synthesize & communicate donor compliance guidelines to all grant teams and partners.
  • Detail WVT/SO reporting requirements to project teams and partners
  • Review and finalize customized closeout checklists for grants
  • Make regular visits to grants and conduct cite verifications to verify grant compliance to both WVT and implementing partners.
  • Develop tools to monitor grants compliance (compliance checklists, dash boards etc.) and ensure regular reporting
  • Deliver on site grant management and compliance training tools.
  • Develop & roll out grant checklists (compliance checklists, closeout checklists).
  • Report on Grants Compliance
  • Work with teams to conduct grants reviews (Quarterly reviews, steering committee reviews/ Reflection meetings)
  • Ensure full implementation of compliance review action plans


Partnership Development & Oversight 40%

  • Lead in Partnership development, support, and Oversight

End Results

  • Lead partner identification processes including initial partner assessment and due diligence processes for all potential partners
  • Ensure the partnering process are followed and all partner files and agreements are tracked and filed appropriately.
  • Maintain effective working relationships with partners, representing WVT to a high standard in all interactions including partner visits and representation in meeting.
  • Design and provide strategic oversight on all partnership agreements and ensure appropriate application of all templates according to WV policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance regarding all contractual agreements, as well as the partnership process and serves as the focal point for the review of all WVT agreements/ MoUs and make recommendations accordingly
  • Provide leadership and influence a culture of compliance across the organization for all partner related activities, ensuring that the partnership process is followed according to approved protocol and due diligence best practices.
  • Provide leadership for the design and implementation of a partner database and ensure all partner related documentation and evidence is appropriately electronically filed (on WV-central/Horizon) and where necessary physically stored to evidence data gathered, as per document storage guidelines.
  • Provide Support to Operations Department (with a close working relationship with the Grants Operations Senior Manager) and Program Technical Leads toward improved partnering relationship and Ensure Compliance of all Partner Related Activities.
  • Support the development of a partner monitoring plan and provide oversight for planning partner monitoring schedule.
  • Provide support to Operations to develop capacity building plans with all local partners informed by adaptive, innovative and effective capacity building methodologies.
  • Provide support and oversight for Operations to ensure partners develop their organizational development plan and ensure that necessary trainings are provided to partners as determined in the plan.
  • Work closely with Departmental staff to ensure that departments support the development of partner capacity and ensuring WV departments meet with relevant partner staff on a regular basis.
  • Lead efforts to work with Grant Managers, Operation Department and Technical Team Leads, immediately raise any areas of concern in relation to partners’ performance or project implementation so appropriate action can be taken.
  • Monitoring partner compliance with WV and donor rules and guidance throughout the lifecycle of our work with the partner, including: Communicating any issues to partners, and assisting them in resolving issues of noncompliance; Reviewing partner interim and final reports for donor compliance criteria, prior to submission.
  • Review and conduct desk verification on all non-financial documents/ forms received by the partners.
  • Promote inter-partners learning on common good practices and exchange of vital information

Compliance (in Grant Making) 20%

  • Provide guidance on donor requirements to proposal development teams

End Results jobs-at-world-vision

  • Participate in the development of all significant (large, multiannual) grant applications to bilateral donors ensuring the management of donor and WVY re6quirements and standards
  • Identify and communicate issues that are not aligning with WVI core values, strategic mandates, and child wellbeing outcomes
  • Work with and support the Resource Development & Program Quality director, Operations Director and Grants Operation Senior Manager to develop realistic and practical solutions in program development and implementation strategies
  • Lead on all compliance aspects by ensuring that grant making standards are understood and applied.
  • Support grant applications by WVT and colleagues at regional and Support Offices.
  • Work with GAM team in the development, Review and amendment of prospective partners for grant applications

TOTAL 100%

Required Professional Experience


  • Achieving quality results & service.
  • Practicing accountability & integrity.
  • Communicating information effectively.
  • Thinking clearly, deeply & broadly.
  • Understanding the Humanitarian Industry.
  • Practicing innovation & change.
  • Demonstrating Christ-centered life & work.
  • Demonstrating Christ-centred life & work.
  • Learning for growth & development.
  • Maintaining work/life balance & effectiveness.
  • Building collaborative relationships.
  • Practicing gender & cultural diversity.
  • Influencing individuals & groups.
  • Understanding World Vision’s mission & operations.

Required Education, Training, License, Registration, And Certification

Must have bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Nutrition, Agricultural Economics, Rural Development, Management, Social Science or related field. Possession of a master’s degree in these fields is an added advantage.

Preferred Knowledge And Qualifications Grants Compliance & Partnerships Manager Jobs at World Vision

  • Must have been closely involved in Project Design and Implementation, Grant and partner monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  • Thorough understanding and experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection; methods, including sampling, survey design and data analysis.
  • Ability to lead partnership development and facilitation of meeting, workshops and all other coordination processes include online meetings through digital platforms
  • Ability to facilitate the design, implementation, and monitoring of development projects.
  • Understanding of a donor regulations and grant programming.
  • Familiar with monitoring and evaluation.
  • Ability to communicate cross-culturally and be cross-culturally sensitive.
  • Highly developed awareness of gender equality and women’s empowerment issues
  • Commitment to child and youth development
  • Computer and Internet skills including word processing, graphic presentation and spreadsheet programs required.
  • Travel is required;

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30%

Physical Requirements

Should have a minimum of 4 years’ experience in development work with an NGO operating at the National level and Prior experience with World Vision an added advantage.


Contact (within WV or outside WV): NGO’s

Reason for contact: Partnership and collaboration

Frequency of contact: Weekly

Contact (within WV or outside WV): Other stake holders in the industry

Reason for contact: Identify the possibilities of working together

Frequency of contact: Monthly

Contact (within WV or outside WV)

Collaboration partners

Reason for contact

Explore the funding opportunity and collaboration

Frequency of contact

Weekly, Daily or Monthly depending on opportunities

Contact (within WV or outside WV)

Implementing partners

Frequency of contact

Follow up on reports and execution of project.

Frequency of contact Grants Compliance & Partnerships Manager Jobs at World Vision



  • Deliver Results
  • Be Accountable
  • Partner and Collaborate
  • Engage, Influence, Lead and Grow Others and Agile Organisation
  • Develop the Organisation for the Future

    Applicant Types Accepted

    Local Applicants Only



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