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Senior Transport Manager Jobs at Dangote Industries Limited 2022

Ajira Mpya Dangote Industries Senior Transport Manager

Senior Transport Manager Jobs at Dangote Industries Limited 2022

New Job Opportunities at Senior Transport Manager Jobs at Dangote Industries Limited 2022 , November, 2022

About us

Dangote Group Dangote Cement Plc is Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading cement company, with a production capacity of 51.6 million tonnes per year across ten countries. Together, these operations make us the largest cement producer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Values

Customer Service: As a world-class organisation, we understand that we exist to serve and satisfy our customers. Accordingly, our customer orientation reflects intimacy, integrity and learning.

Entrepreneurship: We continuously seek and develop new business, employing state-of-the-art methods to retain our market leadership.

Excellence: We are a large organisation, working together to deliver the best products and services to our valuable customers and stakeholders. To achieve this, we demonstrate teamwork, respect and meritocracy.

Leadership: We thrive on being leaders in our business, markets and communities. To drive this we focus on continuous improvement, partnership and professionalism.


  1. Responsible for coordinating and managing the activities of Fleet Managers and their teams.
  2. Ensure compliance with trucks’ operations and maintenance schedule; and that customers are satisfied with the level of services provided.
  3. Responsible for strategic planning by ensuring continuous evaluation of the company’s truck fleet in order to formulate plans for improving the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the fleet assets in the short, medium and long term.
  4. Responsible for informing management of any action necessary to cut fleet operating costs.
  5. Conduct annual performance appraisal for fleet personnel under his supervision.
  6. Responsible for the general supervision of the truck fleet and for directing the attention of management to any unsatisfactory circumstances that come to notice.
  7. Ensure periodic review, monitoring and reporting of truck asset maintenance.
  8. Supervise the scheduling of trucks’ movements.
  9. Participate in the design and articulation of Dangote Cement Limited, Tanzania’s (DCLT) truck fleet management strategy, policies, and procedures to ensure alignment with trucks’ operations.
  10. Coordinate the execution of DCLT’s fleet operational strategy/plan in line with agreed guidelines.
  11. Manage/monitor efforts of all Fleet Managers to achieve synergies and ensure achievement of the operations targets.
  12. Oversee liaison with maintenance unit to ensure trucks are always in good working condition.
  13. Supervise proper fleet management schedule to improve the availability and utilization of the fleet, reduce downtime and troubleshoots deviations from routes.
  14. Ensure Fleet Managers adhere to DCLT’s regulations and freight transportation laws.
  15. Proactively identify potential operational issues and opportunities in the fleet operations department.
  16. Oversee, in conjunction with the recovery units, the return to operational condition any impounded, or accidented, or damaged trucks in line with agreed timelines.
  17. Plan, develop and execute a truck replacement schedule.
  18. Keep abreast of recent developments in the logistics and transportation landscape (laws and regulations).
  19. Identify/coordinate training needs for fleet operations employees.
  20. Participate in safety committee meetings.
  21. Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly operational reports.
  22. Hold regular toolbox and safety meetings with team members.
  23. Perform any other duties as may be assigned by Head of Transport or Management.


  1. Bachelor’s degree (preferably) in Transport and Logistics.
  2. Master’s degree with specialization in Transport and Logistics (preferable).
  3. 20 years (preferable) of related experience with at least 10 years specific experience in transport.
  4. Ability to operate effectively in a high-volume service-driven transport operation.
  5. Strong understanding of current transport systems, concepts, strategy, and best practice.
  6. Strong organizing and time management skills.
  7. Good interpersonal relationship, communication, presentation, and facilitation skills.
  8. In-depth understanding of the trends, challenges, opportunities, regulations, and legislations relating to the cement manufacturing industry.
  9. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the macro and micro environmental trends and their impact on the organization.
  10. Excellent knowledge of the products and service offerings of DCLT.
  11. Excellent leadership, problem solving, decision-making and people management skills.
  12. Very good negotiation and relationship management skills.
  13. Demonstrate ability and technical aptitude.
  14. Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  15. Must be a “total” team player with constant focus on the “Big Picture” for success.


  • Personal Health Insurance
  • Pay Off Time
  • Training and Development


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