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Job opportunity at MOH, Grant Officer – 1 Post

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EMPLOYERMinistry Of Health (MOH)
APPLICATION TIMELINE:2022-02-20 2022-03-05

i. To assist the GF Coordinator with the communication between the MoH Permanent Secretary and GF supported programmes (NACP, NMCP, NTLP, HSS) and external agencies (MSD, TFDA, NIMR) as outlined in these ToR;
ii.    To develop and maintain soft and hard copy filing systems and directives for filing of all GFCU documentation; 
iii.    To oversee that GFCU staff’s adhere to the documentation directives as endorsed by Head of GFCU;
iv.    To work with GFCU staff to ensure that monthly financial disbursement flash reports, PSM indicator reports, quarterly progress and financial oversight reports, and feedback reports are compiled and submitted timely, and ensure proper distribution of and filing of reports in the GFCU filing system; 
v.    To request from GF Coordinator assist with preparation of background documentation for and/or participate in ad hoc consultations with the MoH Permanent Secretary, the GF supported programmes and the external agencies;
vi.    To draft minutes of ad hoc meetings for submission to GF Coordinator within two days after conclusion of meetings;
vii.    To ensure proper filing of documentation and minutes;
viii.    To arrange, prepare and invite participants for the regular two-monthly meetings with programmes and external agencies; 
ix.    To draft and distribute minutes as endorsed by the GF Coordinator;
x.    To prepare documentation, reports, presentations etc. for GF programmes’ external stakeholders (LFA and GF; TNCM; MoF; and PMO-RALG) as outlined in these ToR or requested by the GF Coordinator;
xi.    To assist the GF Coordinator with preparation of correspondence and relevant documentation required to communicate effectively with external stakeholders;
xii.    To establish and maintain an effective oversight system for monitoring the timely submission from GF supported programmes and forwarding of endorsed financial and progress reports to external stakeholders;
xiii.    To keep the GF Coordinator informed about reports that are delayed for submission and remind on behalf of the GF Coordinator GF supported programmes on late incoming reports;
xiv.    To develop a format for controlling the timely execution of financial controls according to the LSR financial management roles and responsibilities outlined in the Operations Manual for GF grants;
xv.    To assist the GF Coordinator with verification of timely execution of financial controls;
xvi.    To visit GF’s websites regularly and update GFCU on new funding modalities etc. as posted by GFATM;
xvii.    To assist the GF Coordinator to coordinate the GFCU’s facilitation and participation in LFA’s verification of PUDRs;
xviii.    To assist the GF Coordinator to coordinate and facilitate the planning and preparation of new GF projects, project phases and support modalities;
xix.    To ensure that records from PS, CMO, and Programme Managers’ participation in TNCM, GF Missions, and other GF related events are included in the GFCU soft and hard filing systems; and
xx.    To assist the GF Coordinator to coordinate the GFCU’s assistance to programmes and external agencies with assessment of capacity enhancement requirements and advise on capacity building opportunities.


Bachelor Degree either in Business Administration, Public Administration, International Development, International Affairs and Policy, or a related discipline,  plus three (03)  years professional experience in grant management. Having an MBA will be an added advantage.

i.    Excellent organizational skills with the ability to prioritize multiple responsibilities and meet deadlines;
ii.     Experience managing budgets and cost projections in donor funded projects;
iii.      Proven ability managing, and guiding project staff and partners regarding donor rules and regulations;
iv.      Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills;
v.      Strong proficiency in English and Kiswahili languages; and
vi.     Computer literacy.

REMUNERATIONAccoding to Programme Scales

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