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13 New Jobs Vacancies at ICAP August 2023

ICAP Various Vacancies

13 New Jobs Vacancies at ICAP August 2023, ICAP Jobs Opportunities, ICAP Various Vacancies, Tanzania Jobs, Social walfare Jobs Health and safety Jobs, Click the respective Job Title /position link below to Apply for the respective Job Desired

ICAP Various Vacancies

In 2021, ICAP led numerous health initiatives in countries around the world in support of our mission to transform the health of populations through innovation, research, and global collaboration. The stories that follow provide a glimpse into how ICAP went the distance to support public health in communities worldwide. See 2021 Impact Report and 2020 Impact Report We commit to maintaining open and respectful dialogue around topics of racism and inequality; to promoting an inclusive and respectful work environment; and to prioritizing the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce.


The Driver is tasked with safely transporting program staff and visitors, adhering to ICAP SOPs, policies, and traffic regulations. S/he is also responsible for maintaining vehicle cleanliness, timely servicing, and ensuring consistent fuel availability. ICAP Various Vacancies

Specific Responsibilities and Duties

Operate ICAP program vehicles as instructed, ensuring the secure and efficient transport of staff members and visitors. Facilitate the delivery of packages, correspondence, and other relevant materials to various offices and businesses as necessary. Undertake long-distance trips with or without ICAP staff as needed, while complying with all road laws and regulations, as well as ICAP policies. Keep the vehicle consistently clean and in optimal condition and ensure that all necessary documents (such as insurance and road license) are current Conduct routine checks and maintenance of the vehicle, which includes verifying oil, fuel, brakes, lights, windshield wipers, water levels, and tire pressures.

2.Case Management Officer

The Case Management Officer (CMO) ensures client-centered services are provided to all people living with HIV (PLHIV) with fidelity. The CMO is responsible for facilitating the continuity of services and establishing networks for supportive services such as psychosocial counseling, legal services, economic strengthening, and PLHIV support groups. S/he will ensure client feedback is routinely collected and analyzed and information is used to make timely decisions for the benefit of the clients. The CMO will work with other ICAP staff to improve patient literacy, medication adherence, and care retention including differentiated service delivery (DSD) approaches. S/he will work with the facility providers to ensure accurate recording and regularly update clients’ demographics and treatment supporters’ information for easy tracking and follow-up.

3. Strategic Information Officer

The Strategic Information (SI) Officer is responsible for managing at the district level all data entry and database-related tasks and queries; reporting district data to the District Program Lead and SI Coordinator; and developing data analysis presentations for the district. The Strategic Information Officer’s responsibilities include supervising electronic data entry and cleaning of the paper forms from field activities, as well as follow-up with health facility registries for referral and linkage tracing and verification, and supportive supervision to outreach workers on Strategic Information issues. The SI Officer also supports data collection and reporting at the facility level. S/he will work closely with the other members of the program and strategic information teams.

4. Informatics and IT Officer

This position aims to strengthen the geographical information systems, and applications developments, including customization of existing open platforms available, relational database design, data transfer, and application of inter-operability of data systems in the region. The Informatics & IT Officer will train and support electronic tools and systems, developing user capacity in data capture and use applications. S/he will develop a clear understanding of ICAP program data needs indicators, targets, aggregated and patient-level data points, and program management systems. In addition, s/he is responsible for all IT matters arising in the office, including maintenance troubleshooting staff laptops, office IT equipment, server room, etc. S/he will be responsible for ensuring the continuity of system services for users by providing the technical expertise, technical assistance, and project coordination necessary to install/repair hardware, software, resolve other technical problems and supporting day-to-day user’s activities.

5. Quality Improvement Officer 

The Quality Improvement (QI) Officer enhances capacity and mentors quality assurance and continuous quality improvement for health management teams and facilities, ensuring adherence to national QI frameworks. S/he collaborates with various teams, such as HIV/AIDS, TB/HIV, and lab services, to streamline the design, implementation, and monitoring of QI activities. The officer ensures all facilities have active QI teams and follow national guidelines for facility and community-based activities. ICAP Various Vacancies

6. Supply Chain Officer

The Supply Chain Officer’s role involves fortifying supply chain processes to guarantee prompt and precise forecasting, procurement, and distribution of HIV commodities required at facility and community locations. S/he will work towards enhancing logistics and supply chain management of HIV commodities across all ICAP-supported districts and sites in the region. The officer will directly provide technical support to the region, councils, facilities, and community sites, ensuring the necessary resources are in place to uphold high-quality HIV care standards. The Officer will also work closely and coordinate with the medical store department (MSD), regional pharmacist, regional laboratory teams, and other key stakeholders to maintain a steady supply of HIV commodities and materials for uninterrupted services.

7. Prevention & HIV Testing Services Officer 

The Prevention & HIV Testing Services (HTS) Officer works with and supports the HTS (including HIV recency testing) & HIV prevention portfolio to ensure efficient implementation, M&E, CQI implementation, and reporting of HIV testing and HIV prevention services in the respective district council, including accelerating index testing, optimized PITC, social network testing, HIV self-testing, DREAMS, linkage case management, KVP and PrEP services. S/he is responsible for the field implementation, coordination, and reporting of all HTS & HIV prevention initiatives in the assigned district council under the supervision of the District Program Lead and in collaboration with other ICAP staff, R/CHMTs, and supported facilities.

8.VMMC Officer

The voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) officer will be responsible for the overall coordination, capacity building and implementation of the VMMC services in line with the national VMMC guidelines to achieve target coverage in the region in both community and facility settings.ICAP Various Vacancies

9.Pediatrics/PMTCT/CECAP Officer 

The Pediatrics/PMTCT/CECAP Officer will coordinate the implementation of pediatric and adolescent HIV, PMTCT, and CECAP services in a district council. S/he will coordinate the Pediatrics, PMTCT, and CECAP portfolio to ensure efficient implementation, M&E, CQI implementation, and reporting of all interventions and indicators. In addition, s/he will work with the respective CHMT members in collaboration with other ICAP staff, facility providers, and expert clients to ensure that all activities are implemented per GoT and PEPFAR standards.

10.District Program Lead 

The District Program Lead (DPL) heads ICAP programs and services at the respective council under the guidance of the Field Implementation Manager. S/he oversees all ICAP staff supporting the council level and provides technical leadership and oversight of all ICAP supported programs and services including leading implementation, M&E and reporting of crucial program priorities including monitoring of activities under district level sub/service agreements – in collaboration with the Council Health Management Team (CHMT). The DPL is also responsible for managing communication and collaborations with the local government authorities and other key stakeholders.

11. Laboratory Officer

The Lab Officer is responsible to strengthen the implementation and management of laboratory quality assurance activities including training, mentorship, and supportive supervision of ICAP supported region, councils, and sites in the region. The Lab Officer will provide direct technical assistance to the region, councils and facilities’ laboratories and ensure that the appropriate resources are available in all sites to maintain the standards of quality laboratory management systems with adequate number of stocks and other supplies.

12.Adult Care & Treatment/TBHIV Officer 

The Adult Care and Treatment (C&T)/TBHIV Officer will oversee and coordinate the implementation of adult HIV care, treatment, and TBHIV services in a district council. S/he will coordinate the adult C&T/TBHIV portfolio to ensure efficient implementation, M&E, CQI implementation, and reporting of all interventions and indicators. In addition, s/he will work with the respective CHMT members in collaboration with other ICAP staff, facility providers, and expert clients to ensure that all activities are implemented per GoT and PEPFAR standards.

13.TB/HIV Officer

Reporting to the Technical Services Manager, the TB/HIV Officer oversees the execution, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of TB/HIV services across all supported districts in the region. This role includes aiding R/CHMTs in coordinating and supervising ICAP’s TB/HIV technical activities, aiming for effective and sustainable execution. The Officer will provide regional technical support, mentoring, and supervision for ICAP-backed TB and collaborative actions. S/he will design and aid the rollout of innovative strategies to ensure high-quality and integrated TB/HIV activities across supported councils and facilities. The Officer will also coordinate major program priorities such as isoniazid prevention therapy (IPT), intensified TB case finding, and multi-drug resistant TB diagnosis and management.

Method of Application

Click the respective Job Title /position link below to Apply for the respective Job Desired

  1. Driver 
  2. Case Management Officer
  3. Strategic Information Officer
  4. Informatics and IT Officer
  5. Quality Improvement Officer 
  6. Supply Chain Officer
  7. Prevention & HIV Testing Services Officer 
  8. VMMC Officer 
  9. Pediatrics/PMTCT/CECAP Officer
  10. District Program Lead 
  11. Laboratory Officer
  12. Adult Care & Treatment/TBHIV Officer 
  13. TB/HIV Officer


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