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HR Legal Officer Job Vacancies at Connect Space 2022

HR Legal Officer Job Vacancies at Connect Space 2022, Ajira Kwako A Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Company based in Mwanza, Tanzania


Recruitment in Mwanza Connect with work that makes you happy We are a recruitment firm based in Mwanza, Lake Zone, Tanzania with experience in recruiting, managing and developing people.

Job Vacancies at Connect Space 2022

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct Labor Law compliance checks list for all staffs and offices.
  • Organize a selection of steward.
  • Prepare all legal document related to Labor Law for client.
  • Advise all Branches for preparing legal document related to Labor Law.
  • Provide HR Policy training to new staff.
  • Review internal rules, HR Policy and Regulations based on Labor Law requirements.
  • Highlight all changed of Labor Law, Degree and Sub-Degree of ministries related to HR issues.
  • Provide legal advice to HR team.
  • Update all potential HR firm lists.
  • Conduct investigation of staff breach of employment contract.
  • Conduct investigation of staff frauds and file to court.
  • Review of disciplinary policy.
  • Deal with conflict between staff and/or relevant local authorities.
  • Perform other tasks required by his / her manager.


  • Educational background in Bachelor degree in law and management.
  • At least 3 years’ experience of Labor Law and legal consultant services.
  • Good in spoken and written English.
  • Good computer literacy (particularly Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Microsoft Office, Internet, e-mail).
  • High personal integrity, morality and prudence.
  • High motivation and ability to perform tasks without supervision.
  • Good interpersonal skill and ability to work in a team spirit.

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