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How to Login /Signup in the PCCB Job portal 2023

How to Login /Signup in the Login /Signup in the PCCB Job portal 2023/ Takukuru

How to Login /Signup in the PCCB Job portal 2023

In order to sign in PCCB Job portal you need to Have an Account if Not yet Registered You must Create an Account Firstly see attachment below.

Web capture 23 1 2023 9259 www.pccb .go .tz
Log in or register to PCCB Job Application portal.

Clearly the following step is to follow the provided instructions from the system as the system will provide.

Requirement to Register PCCB JOBPORTAL

Username (Also you can use your Email as Username) 

 Password Email

What Requirements/Details Need to be Filled in PCCB JOB Portal?

  •  Personal Detals: 
  • Contact Details 
  • Academic Details 
  •  Attachment Uploading (In PDF Format Except passport size picture it can be in JPEG & PNG) 
  • Referees Details 

National Service Program Details 

  •  NIDA Details 
  •  Anti-Corruption Club membership Details 
  •  Criminal Record status 
  •  Declaration (You have Declare over all above information you filled) Lastly you Allowed to Submitt your Applications

Jinsi Ya kutuma Maombi Ya Kazi PCCB/TAKUKURU


123 4
PCCB job application portal Dashboard
PCCB jobs Application Assist and investigator

Fill in or out the fields as required before submitting.

Click Here to Log in PCCB Portal and Apply PCCB Jobs

Register here

What is the main function of Pccb?

 How to Login /Signup in the PCCB Job portal 2023

The functions of the PCCB and the ZACECA cover prevention and education on corruption-related matters by means of, inter alia, monitoring of public entities, advising the public and the private sector, and awareness-raising; as their third area of responsibility, both ACAs are mandated to investigate alleged

In July 2007, the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA) was abolished and replaced by the current Prevention and Combating of Corruption Act (PCCA) which renamed the PCB the “Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau” (PCCB).

The PCCB is an independent body under Section 5 of the PCCA.

Tanzania’s first anti-corruption agency dates back to 1974 when Act No. 2 mandated the establishment of an Anti-Corruption Squad

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