How To Download WhatsApp Stories On Your Phone

How To Download WhatsApp Stories On Your Phone

How often do you look at your friend’s or sweetheart’s WhatsApp status and simply cannot resist the urge to download it to your phone? Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not officially provide users with status download features, but you can still do it. Here is how to download WhatsApp stories to your phone.

1. What Are WhatsApp Stories?

Even though most WhatsApp users refer to them as stories, they are actually called the WhatsApp Status. WhatsApp Status is a feature that was rolled out two years ago, and while it took users some time to get used to it, now it’s one of the most popular features among WhatsApp users.

Essentially, WhatsApp Status is a feature that allows users to share photos, videos, and GIFs as their online status. The media is deleted permanently in 24 hours, which is why WhatsApp Status has often been compared to the Stories feature in SnapChat and other messengers.

2. How To Download WhatsApp Stories

There are many situations where you may need to download someone’s WhatsApp status. For example, if your friend shared a photo of the two of you from the latest night out, or if your crush uploaded a picture of herself where she looks even cuter than usual, your desire to save those stories is understandable. Here are the most common ways to do it.

1. Screenshot

Perhaps, the easiest way to preserve someone’s WhatsApp status on your phone is to use the screenshot feature. Simply open the status and use the required combination of controls to save the screenshot to your photo folder.

Obviously, it will only work for text and photo statuses, and you will need to use the screen recording feature if you want to capture a video. There are many screen recording apps in the Google Play Store, with ScreenCam being one of the most popular ones.

2. Status Saver

If you’re an avid smartphone user, you probably won’t be surprised that there is an app for every situation. Downloading WhatsApp statuses is no exception – there are several apps you can use, but the most experienced WhatsApp users swear by Status Saver.

This free Google Play app is one of the easiest ways to save other people’s WhatsApp stories to your device and you won’t even need to launch WhatsApp for that. Simply download Status Saver from Google Play and launch it. The app will then automatically display all available photos and videos from WhatsApp statuses. Choose the ones you want to save and enjoy the newly downloaded files in your photo folder.

3. Hidden Folder

By default, WhatsApp downloads the statuses of people from your contact list to your phone. However, these files are placed in a hidden folder that cannot be accessed without a few extra steps. To access the hidden files, you will need a file management app.

Google’s Files is usually the top-recommended app for this purpose. Download and launch the app, then go to Settings and select the Show Hidden Files option. Now go to Browse -> Internal Storage -> WhatsApp -> Media -> .Statuses. There you will find every photo and video file from your WhatsApp contact statuses. Select the necessary files and move them to your preferred folder if you want to access them later.

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