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How to check HESLB Loan Allocation Status 2022/2023

Do you applied for HESLB and need to know your HESLB loan allocation status when they announce the release names of loan beneficiaries for the particular academic year. In this article we help to show you step by step to see amount you get.

How to check HESLB Loan Allocation Status 2022/2023

The following below are the procedures you can follow:-

Using any browser in your phone, tablet, laptop or computer visit official webpage of ESLB’s Online Loan Application System (OLAMS) ==>>

After reach the page you will see the following things in attached image below

HESLB OLAMS 1536x884 1

Then click on” login for registered applicants” as shown by using red arrow in the attached image above where you will go to the next page that will require you to enter some of details so as you can login in the SIPA. These data are as follows:-

  • Form four index number i.e S0143.0078.1990)
  • Password. This is your password enter during the creating account
    Security code. This is the code that appear below the login page. Must be written as it is.
    After make sure you entered correctly all need information then click “login” button

HESLB OLAMS 1536x884 2

After click “login” button and successfully login in your HESLB SIPA account you will be able to see your dashboard and things you can do in account as show below:

heslb loan allocation status 1536x677 1

After management see dashboard as show above click on “Allocation Status“as show by red allow where you will management to see percent or amount of loan successed to get

HESLB Loan Allocation Status
When you login in your account can be either located for loan on not, so the following below is how status show for both

Students Get Loan Status

Congratulations, you have been allocated a loan. Remember this is a loan to be paid back, use it as intended

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