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Form Five Joining Instruction | Fomu za Kujiunga na Kidato cha Tano 2022/2023


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Fomu za kujiunga na kidato cha tano 2022/2023 article has all updates about form five selection and joining form by TAMISEMI.

Joining instruction Form five 2022

Joining instruction Form five  2022 contain guidelines and instruction for a school or college to whom a student is selected by Tamisemi.

Form za kujiunga na kidato cha tano 2021/2022 may include:-

  • Reporting date
  • School fee
  • Books
  • Uniform
  • School rules & regulations

How to get Tamisemi joining instruction  2022?

Follow the following steps below to download your joining 


You can access Form five Joining Instructions for 2021/21 Academi year by visiting the TAMISEMI Official form ive selection portal through this link :- >>


Find the name of the school to which you have been selected to join or your name

The list of selected applicants will be displayed for that particular school.

Just click on the school name link from the listing,(After your Name/ Form four Index Number)  then you will be redirected to the school joi
ning  form page and the pdf document of your joining will be downloaded automatically

Please save the print or save the downloaded pdf document

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