Cricket Sports Quotes 2023

Cricket Sports Quotes

Cricket Sports Quotes 2023

Cricket is the subject of this selection of (serious) quotes. Cricket seems to be a game that is begging to be quoted. There are many humorous cricket quotes available, but the ones below were picked because they will inform, inspire, and leave you thinking. Enjoy.

“Along with talent, the best athletes also possess a few other crucial traits, such as courage, modesty, integrity, and the ability to live with dignity. These are all completely compatible with pride, aspiration, tenacity, and competition.”

“Cricket makes good gentlemen and civilizes people,” I want Zimbabwe to be a country of gentlemen, and I want everyone to play cricket there.
2006: Robert Mugabe

“Any active sportsperson needs to be extremely concentrated; you need to be in the appropriate mindset. You won’t get the results if your energy is directed in several directions. I need to know when to turn on and when to turn off; everything else revolves around that. The cricket is in focus, with everything else in the background.
(Sachin Tendulkar)

When Bradman was ultimately removed in 1930 after scoring a world-record 334 at Leeds, an English tabloid proclaimed, “He’s out!”

“There should be a survey done before laying a foundation on the cricket pitch.

Cricket Sports Quotes 2023

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