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Ajira: Concession Manager Jobs at Expert Consultancy

Ajira: Concession Manager Jobs at Expert Consultancy Our client is a registered Tanzanian Company under Companies Ordinance (Cap.212) and a leading Hospitality Company with Operations in Arusha, Meatu-Simiyu and Mara Regions. On behalf of their management we are currently hiring for a Concession Manager to be part of our client team. The position will be based in Meatu Tanzania.

Ajira: Concession Manager Jobs at Expert Consultancy

ConcessionManagerisresponsibleforensuringthattheClientWildlifeManagementAreaismanaged inaccordancewithCompany’svisionandmissionaswellastheTAWAdirectivesandguidelines,worktofurtherinfrastructure maintenance, data monitoring, liaison with TAWA, and in support of community Development Manager liaise with local communities.



  • v Toadviceandhelpmanagementsecure, protect and maintain investment reas(concessions)
  • v Toadvisemanagementonissuesrelatedtorelationshipsbetweenthecompany,government, institutions and the general public.
  • v To be a link and manage communications between the company, government institutions,local authorities and general public for the betterment of the company.
  • v Identify any threats and conflict of interest between company and individuals or institutions and advise the company on how best these situations can be resolved.
  • v To identify and Develop Strategies intending to improve relationships with government institutions and the general public for the purpose of ensuring smooth operations.
  • v To assist management whenever possible with business Management, including (but not restricted to) acquiringlegalpermitsandlicensesrequiredforrunningthebusinessand/orprovidingqualityservices.
  • v To ensure that all projects are completed on time and within the allocated budget,this shall include ensuring that the engaged contractors deliver their works according to their specific terms of engagement.


  • To work closely with TAWA, NCAA, TANAPA and Local authorities at all levels and maintain regular communications with them, to develop and promote an effective, productive, and cooperative working relationship between company staff and TAWA, NCAA, TANAPA and local authorities.
  • To promote and improve the current levels of partnership, mutual trust and understanding with all P1HL and client Concessions, District, Regional, WINA TAWA, NCAA and TANAPA officials working alongside company manager sinthefield, and to assess their institutional and political feelings and assist them whenever and however possible with appropriate logistic and technical support.
  • v Toworkclosely withtheFCF,TGTS,Client Managersandmaintainregularcommunicationswithchemon issues related to public relations and compliance.
  • Research:
    Adviceandwherenecessaryhelpresearchunityinidentifyingresearchopportunitiesandsettingresearch goalsandobjectivesfor thepurposeofimprovingconservationstatusofresourceswithinClient,andSister Companies concessions and their largerecosystems.
  • To approve and provide input on research conducted by FCFT and ensure that the findings are integrated into management plans.
  • Advice management on issues related to research and research priorities that are beneficial to the company.
  • CommunityDevelopment:
    ToadviseandwherenecessaryassistcommunityDevelopmentManageronpoliciesandproceduresrelated to community conservation works andprojects.
  • Toadviseandsupportcommunitydevelopmentmanagersinidentificationandprioritizationofprojectsand potential fundingopportunities.
  • To advise the community development department on proper procedures of evaluating and assessing developmentprojectsandcommunityperceptionstowardsthecompanyinvestments.



  • Diploma/bachelor’s degree in Wildlife or relatedfield
  • Proven proficiency in computerized applications to Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint) and basic GoogleSuite.

Experience andSkills:

  • v Five (5) years’ experience working inWildlife.
  •  Knowledge of United Republic of Tanzania laws and policies regarding hunting and conservation as they presently exist and as they change or are modified.
  •  Excellent leadership abilities and communication skills
  • GIS experience will be advantageous.
  • Assertiveness, patience and good organizational skills.
  • Havetheabilitycoworkthroughperiodsofhighdemandandbereadytoworkafterhoursoronweekends.
  • PersonalAttributes
    v Highly motivated, self-disciplined and well organized.
  • v A meticulous degree of pride in their persona|presentation.
  • v Highestlevelofcommitmentanddedicationespeciallyindealingwithnegativesituationsandcheabilityto think out of thebox.
  • v Be able to workindependently.
  • v Humble, yet driven with a track record ofperformance

We look forward to receiving your application!

If you are up to the challenge, possess the necessary qualification and experience; please send your CV only quoting the job title on the email subject (CONCESSION MANAGER) on or before 15th October, 2023 to

Thank you for your interest in the job opening in our company. We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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