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Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: Only a genius can spot all 6 words hidden in Living Room within 9 seconds

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Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: Only a genius can spot all 6 words hidden in Living Room within 9 seconds

Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: This brain riddle is for those who enjoy playing fun games and puzzles. Brain teasers make a simple riddle or a puzzle more interesting, as these brain games are solved with creative thinking. While solving these riddles, you need to analyze the problem a little differently and out of the box. For coming on to the solution, you need to use a creative mind as the answer won’t be right in front of you. So, we have come up with an interesting brain teaser where you have to identify all the 6 secret words hidden inside the family’s living room image.

In the above image, you need to spot all the six words hidden inside the living room where the family is spending their leisure time. In the image, the man and woman are reading books. A cat is sleeping on the top of the couch and a kid is reading a book while lying on the couch. A dog is looking at the girl who is also reading a book on the floor. An alert mind can identify all the words within 9 seconds. You are required to look at the image carefully before answering the question as the answer is quite simple but tricky. As a heads up, the answers to this brain teaser have been given right below the question, so make sure you don’t scroll too far and cheat!

Brain Teaser Answer


In this picture puzzle, you need to identify all 6 secret words hidden in the picture of a family’s living room. At first, you probably won’t notice all the words immediately. But after a few seconds, you might be able to identify the words hidden inside the image. This brain teaser is proving to be a challenge even for people with good IQ. So it has been claimed that you could be a genius if you can spot all 6 words hidden in the picture within 9 seconds

  1. Book – The word ‘Book’ is written across the man’s face in the picture.
  2. Novel – The word ‘Novel’ is written on the side of the man’s couch in the picture
  3. Story – The word ‘Story’ is written across the woman’s book in the picture
  4. Words – The word ‘Words’ is written on the Plant in the picture.
  5. Page – The word ‘Page’ is written on the cloth of the kid on the couch in the picture
  6. Read – The word ‘Read’ is written on the heads of the dog and girl in the picture
Some puzzles don’t necessarily require mathematics skills or lateral thinking but are a simple test of your observation skills. This riddle was tricky but simple as it needs less time and brain power to solve. But it sure feels great when you figure out the answer in a few seconds. 

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