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Best Math Games and Apps for Children.


Best Math Games and Apps for Children.

Best Math Games and Apps for Children.

Many apps and games are available nowadays to help us with our duties and to give kids interesting ways to improve their arithmetic skills. These games also often raise kids’ grades and academic performance while enhancing their knowledge, focus, and memory. A brilliant invention that combines the best features of games with the educational component to make learning enjoyable for kids is a math game.

We examine the best math applications and games for kids in this blog to slake their thirst for knowledge. Math sharpens our analytical thinking and develop problem-solving skills and when we are able to learn math with our favorite apps and games it makes the process easier and more interesting today, we will discuss a few Math app and games through which kids can learn easily all basic concept and terminology about math’s and also able to enjoy the process of learning.

Top Math Apps and Games for Kids

  • Rocket Math
  • DragonBox
  • Monster Math
  • Todo Math
  • DoodleMaths
  • MentalUp
  • Mental Math Cards
  • Marble Math Junior
  • SplashLearn

Types of games and their explanation

  1. Rocket Math
Rocket Math
Rocket Math

A supplementary education programme called Rocket Math teaches children how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and work with fractions. The programme specifically teaches math facts, which are the fundamental building blocks of all math. Students can either learn by playing an online game with pre-programmed feedback or by using printed worksheets and verbal partner practice. Both strategies just require a few minutes per day and significantly improve a child’s math performance.

Rocket Math: the Best in Math Facts | Login

  1. DragonBox
Top 9 Math Apps and Games for Kids

The  DragonBox  Method is a unique approach that uses motivation-based learning techniques to give children a deeper understanding of how and why things work.

Activating the motivation and desire to learn.

Dragonbox Math Apps – Empower Kids!

  1. Monster Math

Monster Math is a fun, educational, common core-aligned app for kids to practice mental math. This includes basic adding and subtraction practice, as well as other math facts such as multiplication and division. No matter what level of competence your child has, Monster Math is a fun K–5 math programme that will make them enjoy math. Games with genuinely enjoyable characters and plots, along with offline math exercises in the form of printables, offer genuinely enjoyable and comprehensive arithmetic practice.

Monster Math – Math facts – Apps on Google Play

  1. Todo Math
Top 9 Math Apps and Games for Kids

The Todo Math team partners with academic researchers, teachers, and expert game developers to build meaningful learning experiences for kids. Students solve an average of 1,381,519 questions per day and have completed 700,430,360 challenges on Todo Math to date.

Todo Math – Apps on Google Play

  1. Doodle Math’s

Filled with thousands of interactive exercises, it explores numerical reasoning and problem-solving in a fun, approachable way, giving children core skills they can use in the classroom – and beyond!

Doodle Math’s | Doodle Learning

  1. Mental Up

Its games are easy to understand while challenging the skills that they are designed to stretch. Mental UP is a UK-based award-winning scientific-educational application containing cognitive learning games for K-8 learners. Mental UP developed by game designers and academics incorporating innovative teaching methods to offer dozens of mind games.

Educational Games for Kids | Mental UP

  1. Mental Math Cards

Mental Math Cards provide step-by-step instructions on how to approach solving all of the problems they show—for all operations and difficulty levels. Each difficulty level for each operation type is carefully thought out to build on the skills mastered in previous levels. For instance, hard multiplication problems are shown to be solvable by breaking them down into medium and easy-level problems.

Mental Math Cards Games & Tips on the App Store (apple.com)

  1. Marble Math Junior
Top 9 Math Apps and Games for Kids

Solve math problems by collecting numbers as you move your marble through a series of fun mazes (with audio questions for emerging readers).

Marble Math Junior on the App Store (apple.com)

  1. SplashLearn

As children explore new worlds and befriend magical creatures, they discover more than one way to solve a problem.  With no timed challenges or overbearing skill progression, the games offer a safe space for children to explore and make mistakes.  Whether it’s the extra practice or a fun challenge, SplashLearn’s games deliver real learning outcomes, always!

Introduce Your Child to the World of Joyful Learning with  SplashLearn Educational Games., Interact with, And Make Math & Reading Fun!

Splash Learn: Fun Math & ELA Program for PreK-Grade 5


Giving knowledge about math to kids at an early age is helpful for them to grow mentally and analytically. They will learn more about the importance of math and calculation in their lives. With the help of these games, they will learn it in a fun way, understand the value of math, increase their skills in math in a relaxed way, and also increase their knowledge of math.

Last but not least if you want to learn coding and creating your own game, you can Sign up for trial class and you will see something interesting more than you bargain for. Check out our blog page, to get more information on such interesting topics.

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