Bei Mpya Za Mafuta Novermber 2022 | EWURA

Bei Mpya Za Mafuta Novermber 2022 | EWURA

Bei Mpya Za Mafuta Novermber 2022 | EWURA

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The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) is an autonomous multi-sectoral regulatory authority established by the EWURA Act Cap 414-2006 of the laws of Tanzania and its amendments EWURA Act (Amendments No.6 of 2019). It is responsible for technical and economic regulation of the electricity, petroleum, natural gas and water sectors in Tanzania pursuant to Cap 414 and sector legislation.


To be a World Class Regulator for Sustainable Energy and Water Services


To regulate energy and water utilities in a transparent, effective and efficient manner that ensures their quality, availability and affordability


The functions of EWURA include among others, licensing, tariff review, monitoring performance and standards with regards to quality, safety, health and environment. EWURA is also responsible for promoting effective competition and economic efficiency, protecting the interests of consumers and promoting the availability of regulated services to all consumers including low income, rural and disadvantaged consumers in the regulated sectors.


In carrying out its functions, EWURA shall strive to enhance the welfare of Tanzania society by:

  1. promoting effective competition and economic efficiency;
  2. protecting the interests of consumers;
  3. protecting the financial viability of efficient suppliers;
  4. promoting the availability of regulated services to all consumers including low income, rural and disadvantaged consumers;
  5. taking into account the need to protect and preserve the environment;
  6. enhancing public knowledge, awareness and understanding of the regulated sectors.

After Ewura announced a new pricing that will take effect tomorrow, where one liter of gasoline will cost Sh2, 886, one of diesel at Sh3,083, and one of kerosene at Sh3, 275, fuel prices have continued to decline. Advertisement In Dar es Salaam. After the decline in oil goods, consumers will continue to laugh in October as the pricing trend was revealed today, novermber 1.

Energy and Water Services Regulatory Authority (EWURA), announces the price limit
of petroleum products in this country. These prices will be effective from
Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 6:01 p.m.
Retail price of diesel fuel for Dar es Salaam and Tanga for November 2022
has decreased by 31 shillings/liter and 34/liter, similar compared to those prices for October
2022 because of the subsidy. Retail price of petroleum for Dar es Port
Salaam would increase by 110 shillings/liter, however, the Government has given a subsidy to the price
the existing one of October 2022 should not change. In the case of Mtwara, there is no ship that
is linked to the price for November 2022 because the ship is expected to unload
fuel at the end of November 2022 and its fuel will be used in December 2022.
Thus, the price change for November 2022 for Mtwara is for inclusion
the correct information of the relevant ship used in October 2022 prices.
The price of kerosene and the price of petrol in Tanga has decreased by 164 shillings/liter and
118 shillings/liter compared to previous prices due to the lower average price
of refined oil in the world market and transportation costs to the port of
Hang around. Table No. 1 shows prices for November 2022 without and with subsidies.

Table No. 1: Non-subsidized retail prices for November 2022
November retail prices
2022 unsubsidized
November retail prices
2022 subsidized Subsidized
Petrol Diesel Fuel
Light Petrol Diesel Fuel
of Lighting Petrol Diesel Fuel
of Lights
Dar es Salaam 2,996 3,197 3,111 2,886 3,052 3,111* 110 145 0
Tanga 2,806 3,223 2,806 3,074 0 149 –
Mtwara 2,917 3,096 2,917 3,096 – – –
Due to the distribution of subsidies for petrol and diesel, Table No. 2
shows a comparison between the subsidized prices of October 2022 and the subsidized prices of
November 2022.
Table No. 2; Limited retail prices for November 2022 compared to Price
retail limits for October 2022
Retail prices of
October 2022 containing
Retail prices of
November 2022 containing
The difference between the prices of
October and November 2022
Petrol Diesel Fuel
of Lighting Petrol Diesel Fuel
of Lighting Petrol Diesel Fuel of
Dar es Salaam 2,886 3,083 3,275 2,886 3,052 3,111 0 (31) (164)
Tanga 2,924 3,108 – 2,806 3,074 (118) (34)
Mtwara 2,908 3,099 – 2,917 3,096 9 (3)
Thus, the limit prices of fuel from November 2, 2022 are as shown
in Table no. 3. Due to these prices, the prices of cities, districts and regions are like
as shown in Table no. 4. Price difference from one place to another
the other is due to the difference in the port where the fuel is taken and the cost of
Table No. 3: Limit prices of fuel for each port that will come into force
from 2 November 2022 (Shillings/Litre)
Port Petrol Diesel Kerosene
Dar es Salaam 2,886 3,052 3,111
Tanga 2,806 3,074
Mtwara 2,917 3,096
In implementing these prices, traders of oil products wholesale and retail
together with society in general, they should consider the following: –
(a) EWURA would like to remind the public that the price limit of
Petroleum products for the respective area are also available through
mobile phones by dialing 15200# and then following
instructions. This service is free and available through all networks
of mobile phones in this country.
(b) According to the Oil Law of 2015, article number 166,
The prices of petroleum products will continue to be determined by the market.
EWURA will continue to encourage competition by providing price information
limit of oil products. This information is intended to help stakeholders
making informed decisions about the purchase of fuel products.
(c) Oil companies are free to sell petroleum products at a price of
competition as long as the prices do not exceed the price limit (Price cap) or fall
below the allowed price (Floor Price) as calculated for
in accordance with the EWURA Rules for Setting Annual Fuel Prices
2022 announced through Government Gazette No. 2A and 57 of
on 3 January 2022 and 28 January 2022, respectively.
(d) All petrol stations are required to publish the prices of fuel products
in clearly visible posters showing the price of oil,
discounts, business incentives or promotions offered by the channel
relevant. Where it is possible to choose, customers are advised
buy fuel products at stations that sell fuel at a cheap price
more to boost competition. It is a mistake to sell oil without deposit
price posters that are visible to customers. Severe punishment
will be issued to the relevant center for not implementing the legal requirements for
according to the relevant regulations.
(e) Petroleum dealers are required to issue sales receipts from
on EFPP machines (Electronic Fiscal Pump Printers) and Buyers
make sure they get those payment receipts that show the name of
station, date, type of fuel purchased and price per litre. Receipt
those payments will be used as a control for fuel buyers in case
There will be complaints about selling oil at a higher price than the price
limit or sell oil that does not have the appropriate quality level, and
also, the receipts will help simplify the collection of Government taxes
arising from the sale of petroleum.
(f) Traders of oil products for retail are required to sell
fuel at a subsidized price as shown in the Table
And. 4. Strict legal action will be taken against the businessman
anyone who violates this ORDER.
(g) Traders of oil products in general are required to sell
fuel at a subsidized price as shown in the Table
And. 5. Strict legal action will be taken against the businessman
anyone who violates this ORDER.
TABLE NO. 4: RETAIL PRICES (Shillings/Liter)
City Prices of
Prices of
The price of
Prices of
Oil of
Dar es Salaam 2,996 2,886 3,197 3,052 3,111
2,863 2,863 3,280 3,131 3,195
Arumeru (Usa River)
2,863 2,863 3,280 3,131 3,195
2,881 2,881 3,298 3,149 3,213
2,874 2,874 3,291 3,142 3,206
2,868 2,868 3,286 3,137 3,200
2,873 2,873 3,290 3,141 3,205
Ngorongoro (Loliondo)
2,947 2,947

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