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Automotive Mechanic at U.S. Embassy August, 2023

Ajira US Embassy

Automotive Mechanic at U.S. Embassy August 2023, Ajira US Embassy, The U.S. Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Automotive Mechanic at General Services Section. Serves as a Maintenance Mechanic in General Services Office / Motor pool (GSO). Responsible for the daily operation of vehicle maintenance and automotive service scheduling. Provides quality control for major maintenance on vehicles and performing basic on-site maintenance on vehicles.

Ajira US Embassy

Fleet Operations Management – 75% Performs major and minor overhaul and repair work to engines, transmissions, brake systems, springs, shocks absorbers, steering mechanisms, electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems, wheel assemblies, and other vehicles components. Disassembles equipment and adjusts, repairs, or replace defective parts or components to correct malfunctioning engines, brakes or components.

Uses all typical tools and equipment of the trade, including testing and analysis equipment and other diagnostic equipment to determine proper functioning of automotive electrical circuits. Performs all facets of preventive maintenance operations on USG owned vehicles on a weekly basis to include oil changes, tire rotations, transmission flushes, suspension overhauls, and brake checks. Perform periodic checks to ensure drivers are conducting pre-departure vehicle inspections


Test drive USG owned vehicles to diagnose problems, identify need for and perform minor overhauling and repair work. Inspects vehicle components and advises Motor Pool Supervisor if further repairs or replacement of parts are required. Analyzes fuel usage and vehicle maintenance data and develop vehicle rotation plans to enhance efficient fleet utilization. Perform unscheduled maintenance due to sudden vehicle breakdown or failure, system checks (electrical, fuel, brakes etc.) to ensure vehicles are road worthy. Administrative Functions – 25% Coordinates with repair facilities to send vehicles for routine maintenance.

Submits vehicle POSHO mishap reports to supervisor within 24 hours; and reports all damage to US Government vehicles or properties, and when citations are issued to drivers. Keeps an inventory of tools, equipment and materials in the mechanical shop and advises the Motor Pool supervisor when there is a need to adjust the levels. Responsible for the upkeep and safe custody of tools/equipment and other materials issued for the performance of mechanical repairs.

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  • Qualifications and Evaluations
  • Requirements:
  • EXPERIENCE: Minimum of two (2) years of experience as an automotive mechanic is required.

JOB KNOWLEDGE A good working knowledge of vehicle diagnostics and troubleshooting practices, commercial and local market costs for parts and supplies, local dealerships and maintenance facilities for specialized auto servicing and repairs. Education Requirements Completion of secondary school is required. Vocational automotive repair training, journeyman mechanic, or apprenticeship certification is required. Evaluations Post may choose to add the phrase “This may be tested” after a language, skill, and/or ability. Review the VA template for specific information. LANGUAGE English level II (Limited knowledge) Reading/Writing/Speaking is required.

Kiswahili level III (Good working knowledge) Reading/Writing/Speaking is required. SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Must hold a valid local driver’s license and be able to operate different types of vehicles such as utility and passenger vehicles, medium trucks, and forklifts. Must be able to interpret shop manuals, parts catalogs and diagrams, and understand technical language of the trade.

Must be able to troubleshoot and determine the causes of a malfunction and be able to use diagnostic tools and software to troubleshoot vehicle problems. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO): The U.S. Mission provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. Qualifications Minimum of two (2) years of experience as an automotive mechanic is required.

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Benefits and Other Info
Agency Benefits:
The U.S. Mission in Tanzania offers compensation package that may include health, separation, and other benefits.

Other Information HIRING PREFERENCE SELECTION PROCESS: Applicants in the following hiring preference categories are extended a hiring preference in the order listed below. Therefore, it is essential that these applicants accurately describe their status on the application. Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not eligible for a hiring preference.

  • AEFM / USEFM who is a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran*
  • FS on LWOP and CS with reemployment rights **

IMPORTANT: Applicants who claim status as a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran must submit a copy of their most recent DD-214 (“Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty”), Letter from Veterans’ Affairs which indicates the present existence of a service-connected disability dated within the past six months, equivalent documentation, or certification. A “certification” is any written document from the armed forces that certifies the service member is expected to be discharged or released from active-duty service in the armed forces under honorable conditions within 120 days after the certification is submitted by the applicant.

The certification letter should be on letterhead of the appropriate military branch of the service and contain (1) the military service dates including the expected discharge or release date; and (2) the character of service. Acceptable documentation must be submitted in order for the preference to be given. This level of preference applies to all Foreign Service employees on LWOP and CS with re-employment rights back to their agency or bureau. For more information (i.e., what is an EFM, USEFM, AEFM, MOH, etc.?) and for additional employment considerations, please visit the following link.


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