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Ajira Turkish Airlines: Accountant May 2023

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About Turkish Airlines: Founded in 1933 with a modest fleet of 5 aircraft, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines is an airline company that flies to more than 300 destinations in the world with a fleet of more than 300 (passenger and cargo) aircraft.

  • To enter any Cost/Expense documents, arising at the International Office, to the records in an orderly and accurately manner, and to reflect any revenue obtained, and expenses performed, on to accounting records of the Company in accordance with the applicable legislation and Company regulations, Circular Letters and Approvals of the Company, as well as the generally accepted accounting principles; and to communicate the activities required to be performed pursuant to local laws, to the certified public accountant; and to monitor the same.
  • Monitors and checks revenues of the Sales Management timely and in accordance with provisions of the relevant laws, legislation and regulations; and reflects the same on to the accounting records. Reports any office income-cost-financing and financial statistical information of the management, where s/he serves, upon request of the Sales Manager, or her/his immediate superior.
  • Ensures that the sales proceeds of the Management (Office+BSP+Cargo+CASS+GSA) are timely deposited to the Bank; and recognizes the same.
  • Performs the payments regarding expenditures performed in accordance with the Approval, in writing, and orders, procedures and principles of Office of CEO & President; or monitors performance of such payments; disburses allowances; and ensures that such payments are performed so as to be appropriate to interests of the Company at the maximum extent; and checks any necessary accounting records.
  • Ensures that the budget sheet in relation to annual costs is kept. Monitors and checks that costs are realized within the limits of the budget. Takes the necessary actions in order to not to exceed budget portions; and informs her/his superior accordingly. Manages administrative affairs and follow related issues.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • · Master/Bachelor degree or at least high school graduation
  • · Minimum one-year experience in finance, accounting, monthly close, and financial reporting is preferred
  • · Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, procedures and application.
  • · Competency with MS Office products
  • · Excellent command of English and local language(s)
  • · Valid work permit or citizenship (The Company will not provide or assist with work permits)
  • · Sense of responsibility
  • · Ability to make decisions accurately and effectively
  • · Organized, detail oriented and able to analyze various data
  • · It is preferred to be experienced in SAP system
  • · Being a team player along with having the capability to work independently when necessary and being able to work under pressure
  • · Sense of responsibility
  • · Proactive problem solving


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