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Ajira Loan Officer for Microfinance at Axia HR May 2023

Ajira Loan Officer for Microfinance at Axia HR May 2023 – NAFASI ZA KAZI 2023 | NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES LOAN OFFICERS AT AXIA HR

Dar es salaam

Key Job Responsibilities

  • To create and maintain a quality loan portfolio.
  • To conduct client recruitment and orientation to loan products and services.
  • To make groups on all working days in a week.
  • To process loan applications and verify the client’s income-generating activities and other related activities.
  • To manage loan disbursement and do follow up on loan repayments.
  • Provide quality and good customer service to clients.
  • Make regular contact with the clients in the field.
  • To accomplish day-to-day activities as required.
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and communication skills

Academic Qualifications and Experience Requirements:

  • Diploma/ Advance Diploma/ bachelor’s degree in any related subjects from a recognized institution.
  • Experience In microfinance is required.
  • Willing to work at the field level, because the job post is field-oriented.
  • Possess excellent character and unquestionable integrity.
  • Good negotiation skills and highly determined to accomplish tasks.
  • Ability to work efficiently in a team environment with minimum supervision.
  • Willing to relocate.

Loan Officer For Microfinance at Axia HR


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