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Ajira Financial Accountant Job Vacancies at World Vision May 2023

Ajira Financial Accountant Job Vacancies at World Vision May 2023
Ajira Financial Accountant Job Vacancies at World Vision May 2023

Ajira Financial Accountant Job Vacancies at World Vision May 2023- Nafasi za kazi World Vision Tanzania (WVT): Learn more about World Vision Tanzania (WVT) and its vacancies, take a look and apply for World Vision jobs in Tanzania that suits you.

About the Job

With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.

Come join our 33,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!

Key Responsibilities:



Cash and Banking Management.

  • Ensure timely confirmation of GC and Direct funds deposited into WVT Bank Accounts
  • Ensure all deposits into WVT bank accounts are booked in cash book towards the end of every month
  • Ensuring assistance is well provided to all bank related matters including introduction/closure of bank accounts, and signatories are assisted on accessing the banking system without any challenges.
  • Ensure cash movement and Cash position Analysis is prepared in order to have sufficient funds.
  • Review bank balances, and send mail to obtain competitive rates in exchange of local currency.

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End Results

  • Timely funding confirmation so as to be reflected in GL
  • Proper documentation and availability of bank-related documents
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in cash management
  • Enough cash for running of day to day payments.


General Disbursement Issues

  • Ensure all Invoices received at Accounts are reviewed against POs and create in Coupa for payment processing.
  • Ensure Vendors’ payments are made in accordance with the internal controls and approved budgets.
  • Ensure payments are accurately entered into the Bank system, review payments against bank interface and submit the same for further review and authorization
  • Ensure timely bank transfers to vendors’ Accounts, share Credit advice notes /payment confirmation with vendors and reprocess and
  • Ensuring all vouchers in the systems are physically available, approved and well filed.
  • Conduct monthly bank reconciliation for all bank accounts.
  • Review and clear all reconciling/outstanding items of the previous months
  • Ensuring all accrued transactions are paid in the first quarter.

End Results

  • Timely payment to staff, vendors’ and government
  • Thoroughly review of documents for compliance with internal control, policies and procedures.
  • Timely completion of bank reconciliation.


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  • Sharing the PA codes to beneficiaries for all PAs received in the Database, review spending and send SAs before expiry date.
  • For spending without PAs, create and send Debit SA and notify the receiving office for approval
  • Ensure that all charges are received for PA which are created and sent to other offices.
  • Ensure that all Direct Charges received on GL (General Ledger) are correctly posted in the respective projects/departments
  • Ensure A/C 300 reconciles with GG GL and make follow up/clear any outstanding item in timely manner.

End Results

  • No outstanding items in 300 reconciliations of more than 60days
  • Ensure timely closure of PAs before expiry date.


Balance Sheet Management (Clearance and allocation)

  • -Manage Accrual account, ensure they are cleared within the first quarter of the financial year, reconcile and validated by end of the quarter
  • Perform Account Allocation for account 200 and ensure the accounts are being monitored and validated monthly.
  • Monitor and Manage Account 180 on monthly bases.

End Results

  • The balance sheet has the current status only.
  • Maintain only unallocated transactions.


Required Professional Experience

  • Extensive experience in accounting at least 2 years.
  • Good knowledge of normal organizational policies and GAAP
  • Good skills in conflict resolution/problem solving, teamwork and coaching
  • High level of commitment and working with minimal supervision.

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

  • Minimum Qualification required Degree in Accounting or related fields.

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Accounting practice in NGOs
  • Interpersonal   skills
  • Prioritization skills
  • Be ready to work under pressure.

Language Requirements

English and Swahili.


Contact (within WV or outside WV)

Departmental Managers

Reason for contact

Advice the department managers on technical issues.

Frequency of contact

When needs arose.

Contact (within WV or outside WV)

Senior Cluster Accountant

Reason for contact

Coordinate with Senior Accountant on disbursement issue and clearing SA’s.

Frequency of contact


Contact (within WV or outside WV)

All staff

Reason for contact

Support and advise all staff on WVT Finance policies and ensure are complying.

Frequency of contact


Contact (within WV or outside WV)

Other support office.

Reason for contact

Working with other support office in issue related to PA’s.

Frequency of contact

When needs arose.


All assignments done by Financial Accountant   are escalated to Accounts Manager


  • Deliver Results
  • Be Accountable
  • Learn and Develop
  • Partner and Collaborate

Applicant Types Accepted: Local Applicants Only



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