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African Initiatives for Relief and Development (AIRD) Hiring Logistics Coordinator

African Initiatives for Relief and Development (AIRD) Hiring Logistics Coordinator

JOB ADVERT (AIRD Logistics Coordinator-AIRD, Tanzania Program) at African Initiatives for Relief and Development (AIRD)

The African Initiatives for Relief and Development (AIRD) operates as a non-political, non-religious, and non-profit NGO with a primary goal of providing operational technical support. This support encompasses a range of services, notably supply chain management, logistics, and infrastructure development. AIRD collaborates with relief and development organizations dedicated to addressing areas affected by disasters, poverty, and those in need of developmental assistance.

AIRD operates in partnership with various entities, such as UN Agencies, international and national donor organizations, and governments, to deliver its services.

To maintain a safe and respectful environment, AIRD explicitly condemns sexual exploitation, abuse, harassment, including sexual harassment, and discrimination. As part of the selection process, candidates undergo background checks to uphold these principles.

Within the AIRD Tanzania Program, there is an open position for a qualified national candidate – the AIRD Logistics Coordinator. This role reports to either the Operations Manager, Head of Office, or directly to the Country Program Director.

The Logistics Coordinator’s overarching responsibilities involve overseeing logistics and supply chain activities at the Kasulu Logistics Base, spanning the Country Office and camps. This role plays a crucial part in ensuring effective coordination, timely reporting, and adherence to established procedures for the successful implementation of logistics operations.

General Duties

  • Ensure that accurate and up-to-date information of the host Government and partners is disseminated to the Country Operations manager/County Program Director, (CPD)
  • Ensures timely and accurate Logistics Weekly and monthly Statistics Reports are submitted to the Donor.
  • Ensures that effective organizational relationships and networks with public, private and NGO partners is promoted; liaise with host Government/Donor and other lead agency representatives within the camps.
  • Establishes and maintains effective communications with Donor and other lead agencies.

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Country Office Logistics activities, Staffing and financial related matters in consultation with the Country Program Director.

  • Guarantee comprehension of Logistics Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) among all staff members and ensure their full implementation in Kasulu operations.
  • Strive to establish a robust and participatory management system, maintaining the consistency of AIRD’s image in the region with its mission, vision, and values, and safeguarding AIRD’s interests and assets.
  • Maintain open and transparent communication with the Operation Manager/Sub Office officer and CPD, fostering a collaborative approach to problem-solving and celebrating shared successes.
  • Actively engage in the preparation of project proposals and budgets for the Kasulu Country Office.
  • Prioritize safety and security, providing guidance to management and reaching out to UNHCR FSA for necessary updates.

With regard to Transport, the Logistics Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  • Recommend appropriate service intervals for each vehicle and ensure strict adherence to the schedule.
  • Conduct timely maintenance activities, prioritizing the safety of all individuals involved and aligning with the expected operational standards set by the client.
  • Accurately and promptly budget, account for, and report all operating costs associated with the vehicles in accordance with project guidelines.
  • Authorize vehicle movement exclusively with official permission and individuals approved by management, controlling the process to ensure effective and timely service delivery to clients and beneficiaries.
  • Renew road licenses for all Country Office vehicles in a timely manner, carrying updated documents in each vehicle.
  • Arrange timely third-party insurance and maintain relevant documents in each vehicle.
  • Ensure drivers consistently comply with the laws of the operating country, displaying courtesy, good manners, and appropriate respect at all times.
  • Monitor, record, and submit accurate reports for the fuel consumption of each vehicle in a timely manner.
  • Maintain up-to-date log books for every journey in each vehicle, regularly scrutinizing them for accuracy and legibility.
  • Conduct a monthly check with national authorities for street parking, addressing outstanding claims for project vehicles. Ensure drivers settle penalty charges before payroll submission.
  • Ensure drivers are promptly informed about new legislation, local bye-laws, project guidelines, and other relevant information related to their duties.
  • Regularly assess and mentor drivers and driver’s assistants in their duties, health, and behavior, providing recommendations to management without delay.
  • Check driver’s licenses regularly, issuing warnings and taking appropriate follow-up action for any driver found with an expiring license.
  • Develop, uphold, and recommend acceptable standards for monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on the transport sector, ensuring timely and effective implementation.

With regard to the Workshop, the Logistics Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  • Supervise, mentor, offer assistance, and guide all mechanical workshops within the operational country.
  • Oversee the activities of chief mechanics and workshop foremen, including those at the leadership level.
  • Establish an efficient and transparent supply chain and management system for spare parts.
  • Structure and arrange the workshop, defining roles, responsibilities, and objectives for staff based on the workshop’s activity level.
  • Ensure the implementation of standard workshop and spare part management procedures across all levels.
  • Take necessary measures to enhance workshop performance, aligning with expected outcomes and utilizing available resources. Mobilize external support and expertise when needed.
  • Provide technical advice and solutions to partners and management, contributing to the improvement of the workshop’s performance and the achievement of goals.
  • Ensure the good condition and security of all assets, vehicles, and infrastructures.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory list for all equipment and spare parts in the workshop. Conduct monthly inventory assessments in collaboration with Partner Supply Officers.
  • Actively contribute to the establishment of the operational budget.
  • Manage funds allocated to the workshop as delegated by management. Monitor and follow up on all local purchases related to workshop management.
  • Establish a project reporting and information system to collect relevant and transparent workshop information on time. Ensure the proper implementation and utilization of the workshop and material management system.
  • Produce and submit Workshop Monthly Monitoring Reports to management, including relevant analysis.
  • Cultivate permanent working relationships and coordination with partner logistic officers and other managers.
  • Build relationships and networks with other workshop managers at the regional level to facilitate exchanges of experiences, synergies, and integrated approaches.
  • Represent the workshop’s activities and the organization to partners, local administration, or missions under the supervision of the Operation Manager.
  • Ensure transparent utilization and budget management of funds allocated to the workshop.
  • Generate monthly monitoring reports and actively contribute to the production of contractual narrative and financial reports, as well as other specific reports.
  • Ensure adherence to planned service intervals for each vehicle and share the plan with the Partner Supply Section and implementing partners for proper execution and follow-up.
  • Ensure timely maintenance, prioritizing the safety of all individuals involved and aligning with the expected operational standards set by the client.
  • Accurately budget, account for, and report all operating costs associated with the vehicles in accordance with project guidelines.
  • During repair services, maintain a logbook updated for every journey in each vehicle, regularly scrutinizing for accuracy and legibility. Verify the reflection of all service periods in the logbook.
  • Provide appropriate protective clothing for all workshop staff and ensure its use during potentially hazardous tasks.
  • Produce monthly repair cost reports for all assets maintained and repaired in the AIRD-managed workshop in the country, forwarding this report to the supervisor.
  • Perform any other tasks directed by management.

With regard to the Fuel Management, the Logistics Coordinator shall be responsible for:

With regard to warehouse and fuel management, the Logistics Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  • Monitor Kasulu warehouse items and ensure their proper distribution
  • Monitor the fuel distribution and ensure it is properly accounted for
  • Report to management any issues that partners may communicate with regard to the operation of AIRD in the country for timely action

With regard to Logistics for Voluntary repatriation Activities, the Logistics Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  • For Cross Boarder Coordination between AIRD Tanzania and AIRD Burundi as well as with UNHCR teams at both sides.
  • Assess all logistical needs for the convoys in Tanzania and arrange for the required buses and trucks for transportation of PoCs and their luggage.
  • Ensure smooth coordination of all teams and sectors in participation.
  • Ensure all project trucks involved in Vol Rep are in good and sound condition fit for the road at all times and getting timely maintenance

With regard to project management, the Logistics Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  • Actively participate as an informed and influential member of the Kasulu Office management team, contributing to discussions on budget formulation, staff matters, reporting formats, and other shared concerns.
  • Guarantee that suggestions from all sectors, supported by quotes and calculations, are prepared promptly for budget discussions.
  • Facilitate the availability of the necessary report data for the partner, ensuring accurate and timely submission of all reports.
  • Keep management informed of any concerns communicated by partners regarding the operation of AIRD in the country, enabling prompt action.
  • Ensure that the Country Operations Manager/Sub Office Officer and CPD receive timely and accurate information concerning all logistics activities within the Kasulu Office.

With regard to interpersonal skill and team building, the Logistics Coordinator shall be responsible to:

  • Take all necessary measures to motivate staffs and build strong team spirit at all levels.
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with all partners and potential donors in the area of operation.
  • Participate in preparation all Logistics Sectoral planning meeting.
  • Assist the Operations Manager build a strong and functional participatory management team.
  • Give support to Kibondo Sub office Logistic whenever need arise especially in absence of the Operations manager.
  • Initiate, organize capacity building workshops/trainings for logistics staff.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Degree in Logistics and Supply chain management/BA statistics a relevant field, Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience working in Logistics operations in refugees camp added advantage,
  • Proven experience with analyzing Data; reporting skills: timely operations and donor(s) drafting reporting.
  • Proficiency in the use ERP operations Software,
  • People oriented and results driven
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and work well under pressure and deadlines.
  • Experience working with international development partners, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and donors (in particular UNHCR experience) is an asset.

To be successful you will also:

  • Have passion for AIRD’s mission and a strong desire to impact a dynamic non-profit organization;
  • Be proactive, set to achieve results and creates positive change;
  • Have a very high level of personal and professional integrity and trustworthiness;
  • Embrace diversity and a commitment to collaboration,

How to apply

Qualified/interested persons may send Cover Letter, CV and copies of Academic Certificates to

Country Programme Director

African Initiatives for Relief and Development (AIRD)

P.0 Box 428,

Kasulu. Kigoma Regional.

(with mention: application to the Position of Logistics Coordinator).

ApplicatjoAS’caTi be submitted to our offices allocated area

AIRD country office- Kasulu

Situated at Mubondo Area, Nearby Mubondo Secondoary school Kanazi

Kibondo – AIRD Sub Office Anglican Area Kibondo

OR by e-mail address as follow; by copying to

Deadline for submission: 5th March 2024.

Only shortlisted applicants shall be contacted. Should you not be contacted after a month, following the submission deadline, please consider your application unsuccessful

NOTE: The African Initiatives for Relief and Development(AIRD- Tanzania Program) DO NOT have any agent and DO NOT charge any fees to the interested candidates. Kindly not that only shortlisted applicants will be 

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