9 hidden iPhone features you should be using

9 hidden iPhone features you should be using.

9 hidden iPhone features you should be using.

9 hidden iPhone features you should be using, close all your Safari tabs automatically, delete multiple contacts at once, Drag and drop between Apple devices, unlock an interactive weather map, Drag and drop between apps, Delete characters on Calculator.

 TikTok, eh? It has to be said that you have brought a lot of shadiness into the world. For one thing, hackers have used you to spread malware. For another, you may face a U.S. ban due to national security concerns. Worse, you encourage masses of people to engage in ever more stupid activities in order to gain short-term viral fame.

Despite all of your evils, you have done some good. Your brown noise trend helps people sleep better. You’ve taught millions of people how to budget using cash stuffing, which is extremely important in these difficult economic times. And, perhaps most importantly, you’ve shown us some pretty amazing iPhone hacks.

Is that enough to make up for your mistakes? No. But I am grateful to you for teaching me. How can I tell what breed of dog I’m looking at? You can bet your bottom that I am.

So, in the spirit of thanks, we’ve compiled a list of nine of our favorite iPhone hacks, all of which we learned from TikTok. Continue reading to see the hacks TikTok taught Tom’s Guide.

Our 9 best iPhone hacks and tips on TikTok

9 hidden iPhone features you should be using.

9 hidden iPhone features you should be using.

So, in the spirit of thanks, we’ve compiled a list of nine of our favorite iPhone hacks, all of which we learned from TikTok. Continue reading to see the hacks TikTok taught Tom’s Guide.

  1. Close all your Safari tabs automatically

682 tabs open? We understand. We did, however, learn how to close all Safari tabs automatically thanks to TikTok. While you can’t simply close all of your tabs by tapping an X button as you can in other browsers, iOS Safari does allow you to set automatic intervals at which it will close all of your tabs for you. That is even less effort!

  1. Delete multiple contacts at once.

When spring arrives, your contact book should undergo a seasonal cleaning. That’s why TikTok demonstrated how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone.

Before Apple introduced this hack, deleting multiple contacts required accessing iCloud on a desktop, which was time-consuming. This new method makes it so much easier that you can be as ruthless as you want about who stays in your contacts.

  1. Drag and drop between apps

If you frequently need to move items between apps — and let’s face it, you probably do — you’ll want to know how to drag and drop between apps on iPhone. This feature is extremely useful for quickly moving files around your phone without the need for copy and paste. It does not support all file types, but it does support images, videos, PDFs, audio files, and text documents. Thank you once more. TikTok

  1. Drag and drop between Apple devices

If you thought the previous TikTok iPhone hack was cool, this one is even better. We were completely taken aback when this trend went viral on TikTok. Aside from dragging items between apps, you can also use Universal Clipboard to move files between Apple devices. While using Airdrop isn’t difficult, this feature makes it even easier to share files between nearby Apple devices — and makes you look like a magician in the process.

  1. Unlock an interactive weather map.

Did you know there’s a hidden interactive forecast mode in your iOS Weather app? We didn’t either until this hidden feature went viral on TikTok. You can see a rolling precipitation and weather events forecast for the next 12 hours on your iPhone’s interactive weather map, just like you’d see on TV!

  1. Delete characters on Calculator

This one may appear to be tedious, but it is extremely useful. The built-in Calculator app on your iPhone actually has a hidden delete gesture that allows you to delete characters if you make a mistake. How many times have you deleted everything and restarted because you mistyped the last digit? Your problems are now over.

  1. Get custom battery alerts with a shortcut

Have you ever missed those 15%, 10%, and 5% battery alerts from your iPhone because it was set to silent? We’re all the same. Thankfully, TikTok showed us how to use a simple shortcut to set custom battery alerts on iPhone.

With this hack, you can set an alert to sound at 30% or 40%, giving you a heads-up that you’re running low. Even better, you can have Siri announce your battery warning so that you never miss it again, even if you keep your iPhone on silent.

  1. Track flights using iMessage

That’s right, TikTok taught us that your iPhone has a built-in flight tracker. What is its location? Strangely, not in Maps or a separate app, but in iMessage.

Aside from its unusual placement, this feature is extremely useful, as knowing how to track flights on iPhone allows you to find out where someone is if they’re flying out to see you, or vice versa. Just don’t follow Elon Musk.

  1. Identify any dog breed from a photo

Everyone enjoys a little dog watching. But it can be frustrating when you see a beautiful goodboy but don’t know what breed he is. How will you know what to look for when you try to adopt one?

Fear not, because TikTok has revealed that you can identify any dog breed on iPhone from a photo by using the iOS Visual Look Up feature. If you’re a budding botanist, you can also use this feature to identify any plant on iPhone.

The hints, tips, and hacks don’t stop at Tom’s Guide. So, if you’re looking for even more iPhone tips, we’ve got you covered.

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Don’t worry if you need assistance with the fundamentals; we’ve got you covered. You’ve got this: Every iPhone beginner should understand how to screenshot on an iPhone, screen record on an iPhone, and eject water from an iPhone.

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