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42 Vacancies Maweni Hospital June 2023

Nafasi za kazi Hospitali Ya Rufaa ya Maweni June 2023

42 Vacancies Maweni Hospital June 2023- Nafasi za kazi Hospitali Ya Rufaa ya Maweni June 2023, Medical Officer Maweni Regional Referral Hospital – Kigoma announces Tanzanians who have the qualifications and desire to work at the Maweni Regional Referral Hospital for a voluntary contract for various cadres as outlined below.

Nafasi za kazi Hospitali Ya Rufaa ya Maweni June 2023

The Maweni Regional Referral Hospital in Mbeya, began providing services in the area where it is now in 1972. Before that, services were provided in the city of the area that is now used as a care Centre for vulnerable children in Sanganyigwa. The hospital was set up to provide services to the people of Kigoma in the city. It is now a Regional Referral Hospital that accepts patients from all districts of the Morogoro Region as well as refugees and citizens from neighboring Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Maweni Hospital was promoted to Regional Referral Hospital by an announcement made in Government Newspaper No. 828 of 12/11/2010. The hospital has a capacity of 300 beds in 11 existing wards. Due to the severity, two wards are not in use, so the number of beds available in the ward is 169. The other 32 beds are used in other departments such as the labour room, beds for workers on night shift and beds in doctors rooms.

42 Contract Vacancies Maweni Hospital

 Wauguzi Daraja la Il (ENROLLED NURSE)15
2Daktari daraja la Il5
3Mteknolojia dawa daraja la Il2
4Mtunza Kumbukumbu za Afya2
5Mhasibu Msaidizi Il2
6Mortuary Attendant (Mhudumu wa chumba cha kuhifadhi maiti)3
7Laundry Attendant (Mhudumu Ufuaji)3
8Afisa Afya Msaidizi daraja la Il1
9Afisa Habari daraja la Il1
10Personal Secretary 
IlWahudumu wa Afya4
12Fundi Mwashi1
13Afisa tabibu (Clinical Officer Il)2

Professional Qualifications.

All applicants should have educational certificates, professional certificates, licenses, for applicants who have been employed by the relevant professional council and have completed vocational training. Salary and Benefits. Applicants who will get a position and be given a contract will be paid 50% of the salary level according to the relevant cadre, salaries and benefits will be paid in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s 2021 voluntary work guidelines. All applications must be accompanied by: I. Copy of birth certificate.

  1. A copy of the certificate of the Fourth or Sixth Form according to the Cadre of the Applicant;
  2. Copy of Professional Certificates (Certificates and Transcripts) and Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  3. Two recent passport size photographs. Nafasi za kazi Hospitali Ya Rufaa ya Maweni June 2023
    NB: Nafasi za kazi Hospitali Ya Rufaa ya Maweni June 2023
    I. Applicants should attach a letter of application and other necessary attachments.
  4. All applications should be sent by email (mawenirrh@afya.go.tz), POST to the address below or sent to the OFFICE OF THE PHYSICIAN IN CHARGE from Date
    16/06/2023 at 1.30 am to 22/06/2023 at 09.30 pm.
    Applications should be sent to
    Medical Officer,
    Maweni Regional Referral Hospital,
    S.L.P 16,

RECOMMENDED: Call for Interview UTUMISHI – Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) June 2023

A hospital that provides quality health services at the local level that meets the needs of its clients, Provide quality referral health services at the Regional level with a focus on equality and taboos The following services are provided; outpatient (OPD), mixed diseases (internal medicine), surgery (surgery), obstetric and obstetric diseases (obstetrics and gynaecology), psychiatry (psychiatry), oral and dental diseases (dental), eye diseases (ophthalmology), physiotherapy (physiotherapy), medicine (pharmacy), laboratory, radiology, AIDS services (CTC, PMTCT, VCT, PITC, EID, HBC) and mortuary services.

Maombi Yatumwe Ajira 42 Maweni Hospital

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