2023 INSETA ISSF Bursary For South Africans

2023 INSETA ISSF Bursary For South Africans

INSETA ISSF Bursary For South Africans: 2023 South Africans Bursary From INSETA, Bursary 2023 For South Africans From INSETA, INSETA ISSF 2023 Bursary.

The main objective of the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA) is to increase the variety and caliber of crucial and in-demand skills within the insurance industry.

These characteristics enhance the sector while also assisting the nation’s transformation.

To support the whole insurance value chain, the Insurance Sector Student Fund (ISSF) Bursary Scheme was created.

The ISSF is supported by organizations in the public and private sectors that aim to reskill, upskill, and multiskill graduates, workers, and students across a variety of industries.

2023 INSETA ISSF Bursary for South Africans

INSETA is providing the ISSF (Insurance Sector Student Fund) Bursary 2023.

Regardless of employment status, the bursaries are specifically targeted at those working in insurance and related businesses.

The following are the criteria used to award bursaries:

What exactly is the INSETA Bursary?

INSETA ISSF 2023 Bursary

Bursaries are given to both employed and unemployed people, promoting professionalism in the industry. These bursaries generate a pool of young people who see the insurance profession as an aspirational job, paving the way for future insurance industry growth.

Is there a seta bursary available for 2023?

The LGSETA is encouraging students to apply for their bursary program for the academic years 2022/23 and 2023/24. The Discretionary Grants Bursary 1st Funding Window is intended for students with an interest in local government who are pursuing the following qualifications: Accounting (Diploma) (Diploma)

What is the pay for an INSETA learnership?

Once both parties have signed the MoA and INSETA has received all of the requisite learner documentation, a portion of the stipend funding is transferred into the TVET Colleges’ account. Learners receive a monthly stipend of R4 500. This is paid into the learners’ bank accounts by the applicant TVET College.

Money needed for schooling

For students without jobs, the scholarship will pay the following expenses:

  1. Tuition in full.
  2. Accommodation, meals, and textbooks.
  3. Technology examples include data and laptops.
  4. A monthly allowance.


INSETA ISSF Bursary For South Africans

The objective of the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA), a recognized education and training body in South Africa, is to improve the quantity and caliber of essential and in-demand skills in the insurance industry.

To fill the need for competent professionals in the insurance industry, INSETA offers a variety of skill development and training programs, including bursaries, leadership, and internships.

Aiming to serve the whole insurance value chain, the Insurance Sector Student Fund (ISSF) Bursary Scheme.

The ISSF gets support from companies in the public and commercial sectors that are dedicated to reskilling, upskilling, and multi-skilling graduates, workers, and students in a variety of economic sectors.


Before applying, candidates must meet the minimum admission requirements listed below (please note that if you do not meet all of the requirements, your application will not be considered):

  • You must be a resident of South Africa.
  • In 2022, you must either be enrolled in Matric or have already passed it.
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 35, unemployed, OR employed, regardless of your age.
  • You must be enrolled in or planning to enroll in a recognized South African higher institution (preferably towards a course in the Insurance and related sectors)


Along with your completed application form, please include clear copies of the following supporting documents (submitting these documents is required; if any are missing, your application may be rejected):

  • Identity card (certified copy)
  • latest Matric results, if you are enrolled in Matric (certified copy)
  • Certificate of completion for Matric (certified copy)
  • most recent academic history, if you’re still in school (on institutions letterhead)
  • Acceptance letter from the organization (on the institution’s letterhead)
  • If necessary, proof of registration from the institution (on the institution’s letterhead)
  • Course quote and tuition
  • Residence Charge/Course Quote (on institutions letterhead)
  • Form POPIA for ISSF, completed (.pdf)
  • If employed, a letter of employment
  • Financial backing records:
  • IDs for parents or guardians (certified copy)
  • Death certificates or an affidavit in case of a deceased parent or guardian (certified copy)
  • 3 months of most recent paystubs or bank records for parents or guardians (certified copy)
  • if receiving a grant, an affidavit from the parents or guardians and a SASSA letter (certified copy)

Emails with applications should be sent to (In the email subject line, type “ISSF Bursary Application”).

15 January 2023 IS THE CLOSING DATE FOR THE INSETA ISSF BURSARY (Applications sent after this date won’t be accepted; to ensure your application is reviewed, submit it before the closing date.)


If you have any questions about this bursary program, please get in touch with INSETA directly:
Send inquiries to

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