2023 Breede Valley Municipality Bursary

2023 Breede Valley Municipality Bursary

2023 Breede Valley Municipality Bursary

2023 Breede Valley Municipality Bursary: Bursaries are granted for one academic year of study and can be used to pay for students’ housing, meals, and transportation, as well as registration costs, class fees, test fees, and book prices.

The Breede Valley is a nice area geographically.

The Western Cape region of South Africa’s Breede Valley is recognized for having the highest fruit and wine production rates in the country.

It is encircled by luxuriant greenery, vast plains, breathtakingly beautiful mountains, and prosperous valleys.

Breede Valley, the nearby municipality, has a total area of 3,833 km2. Drakenstein, Stellenbosch, Langeberg, Witzenberg, and the Central Karoo are places that border the Breede Valley.

The valley’s primary industries for earning money are transportation and communication, banking, manufacturing, social services, and agriculture.

The four most significant towns in Breede Valley are Rawsonville, Worcester, De Doom, and Touws River.

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Breede Valley Municipality bursary

Breede Valley Municipality 2023 Bursary Deserving and qualified students are asked to submit an application for the Mayors’ Scholarship Fund for the 2023 academic year.

Through the Mayors’ Scholarship Fund, the municipality seeks to speed up the development of human resources. It intends to specifically encourage young people to submit scholarship applications.

Students may utilize the scholarship to pay for expenses including hotel, meals, transportation, registration, exams, classes, and book fees.

The award is not a full-cost grant, though, and it does not entirely cover the cost of the academic year.

Students who already receive NSFAS bursaries are not eligible for the Mayors’ Scholarship Fund.

Additionally, emphasis will be given to students majoring in fields of study that are connected to municipal government.

Qualifying criteria for 2023 Breede Valley Municipality Bursary

Before applying, candidates must meet the following minimum admission requirements. Your application will be denied if you don’t meet all the prerequisites.

  • The applicant must be a citizen of South Africa.
  • You must reside in the Breede Valley Municipality region of the Western Cape province (De Dooms, Touws River, Rawsonville, and Worcester)
  • The applicant must have either graduated from matric or be enrolled in matric in 2022.
  • Your overall average grade must be 50%, either in matric or in your most recent matric exam.
  • The candidate must be enrolled in municipal government courses or have plans to do so.
  • You must be enrolled in, or intend to enroll in, an approved South African educational institution that is well-known across the nation.
  • The applicant is ineligible for the NSFAS or any other scholarships.

2023 Breede Valley Municipality Bursary

Where do I apply?

To obtain the application, download the Breede Valley Municipality Bursary Application Form 2023. (.pdf)

Both city halls and libraries offer the application for sale (Worcester, Rawsonville, Touwsrivier, De Doorns). The application form must include all information and supporting materials listed there as requirements.

Applications might be made available at:

The Manager, Human Resources, Private Bag X3046, Worcester 6849

The application can also be delivered in person to:

Worcester, Western Cape, 53 B Baring Street, HR Office

Documents required

Copies of the following supporting documents should be sent along with your filled-out application.

If any of the following are missing, your application may be rejected:

  • A verified copy of your identification
  • verified copies of your most recent Matri Verify if you’re still studying for it.
  • A certified copy of your certificate is required if you successfully completed your matriculation
  • Your full academic record if you are currently enrolled in classes (on the letterhead of the institution)
  • showing supplemental registration proof (on the letterhead of the institution)
  • A list of all the expenses you incurred while studying, including the price of your books (on the letterhead of the institution)
  • proof of your guardians’ or parents’ income (if employed, submit the latest payslips; if unemployed, then provide an affidavit; if self-employed, submit bank statements, provide pension or grant proof, if applicable, and death certificate, in case of deceased parents)
  • proof of residence (municipal account)
  • Last Date
  • The application period expires on December 9, 2022, at 14:00.
  • Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted; you must submit your application by the deadline to be considered.


Identifying Data

If you have any inquiries about this bursary program, do get in touch with the Breede Valley Municipality directly:

The contact information for Mrs. Sharyka Uys is 023 348 4962.

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