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15 Assistant Warden Jobs at VETA Inviting Applicants

15 Assistant Warden Jobs at VETA Inviting Applicants

Welcome to our website In This Article, are you looking for nafasi za kazi ajira mpya 15 Assistant Warden Jobs at VETA Inviting Applicants job vacancy released opportunities to all Tanzanian qualified. The Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) extends an invitation on behalf of the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) to eligible Tanzanians for fifteen (15) available job positions.

EMPLOYERMamlaka ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Ufundi Stadi (VETA)
APPLICATION TIMELINE:2024-03-02 – 2024-03-15


The establishment of the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) can be traced to the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Act of Parliament No.1 of 1994, revised edition Cap 82 of 2219. VETA’s main objective is to supervise the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system in Tanzania. Its responsibilities encompass promoting, coordinating, providing, regulating, and ensuring sufficient and consistent funding for the VET system across the nation.

VETA aims to realize the overarching objective of having a Tanzania rich in skilled and capable artisans. The mission of VETA is centered on ensuring the provision of top-notch, industry-relevant vocational skills to the Tanzanian population. This encompasses tasks such as offering, advocating, overseeing, and funding Vocational Education and Training to make a substantial contribution to socio-economic development. The vision is based on the conviction that a proficient and skilled workforce is crucial for the advancement of the country, aligning the mission of VETA with the broader objectives of national development.


  • Handle social matters related to students;
  • Communicate VETA’s directives to the student body;
  • Maintain precise records concerning students’ well-being;
  • Contribute to identifying behavioral trends that may necessitate intervention;
  • Manage student welfare services;
  • Facilitate activities of the Students’ Organization;
  • Participate in career guidance and counseling for students;
  • Uphold a conducive learning environment;
  • Address student disciplinary issues;
  • Assist students in obtaining permits from relevant authorities;
  • Execute any additional duties assigned by the immediate supervisor.


An individual possessing a Diploma in Education, Social Welfare, Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, Home Economics, or equivalent qualifications from an accredited institution.

REMUNERATIONAttractive remuneration package in

NOTE: All applications must be submitted through the Ajira Recruitment Portal using the following address: This is the only accepted method, and the address can also be found on the PSRS website under ‘Recruitment Portal.

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Job seekers must ensure they update their details in the Personal Details section using the National Identification Number (NIN). Furthermore, it is essential to revise your information in the Academic Qualification section by indicating your course under the appropriate category.

To ascertain the STATUS of your job application, sign in to your account and navigate to the ‘MY APPLICATION’ section. Within this section, you can review interview numbers for successful applicants and find the reasons for non-selection for those who were not successful.

Signed letter
A duly signed application letter must be composed in either Swahili or English and directed to the Secretary, Presidents Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat, P.O. Box 2320, Utumishi Building at the University of Dodoma – Dr. Asha Rose Migiro Buildings – Dodoma…

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