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13+ New Job Vacancies at METL June 2023

New Job Vacancies at METL Group 2023

13+ New Job Vacancies at METL June 2023-Tanzania Jobs  Nafasi za kazi Mohammed Enterprises Limited (MeTL) New Job Vacancies at METL Group 2023 MeTL – Mohammed 

New Job Vacancies at METL GROUP 2023-New Job Vacancies at METL Group 2023

Our core business focuses on providing locally produced, value-added products and services that meet people’s everyday needs. We do this by adopting new manufacturing technologies and infrastructure, maintaining ethical and socially responsible business practices, investing in our people, and protecting our planet.

The MeTL Group corporate strategy has evolved as our businesses have grown, matured, and diversified into new sectors and regions over the last 50 years. Starting as a family-owned trading company in the 1970s with a desire to offer quality goods at affordable prices, by the late 1990s, our strategy had transformed to focus on local manufacturing and intra-regional trading to strengthen Tanzania’s growth and development in private industry.

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The early 2000s saw the Group’s massive expansion with major acquisitions due to the Government’s privatization policies. The expansion set the stage for the next phase in MeTL Group’s strategic plan for the next decade; vertical integration and regional expansion. Also Check,  27 New Jobs Vacancies at (BOT) Bank of Tanzania June 2023

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